Luxembourg- La Cible 7”

Fresh from the heart of France, here’s a joyous and upbeat coldwave single (an oxymoron, perhaps?) from 1985. This limited edition single is the band’s only release, a private press with little-to-no information out there in the ether. The b-side is what really does it for me here, as it reminds me quite a bit of The Sound’s “Sense of Purpose,” with a lighter touch.

I could make a rather educated guess about which city this band was from, but that would be all too easy, wouldn’t it? About as easy as clicking the link below and downloading this little treasure!

Luxembourg- La Cible 7”
1. La Cible
2. Le Secret De L’ombre

*download it here* (RE-RIPPED 6.4.13)

3 Responses to “Luxembourg- La Cible 7””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Love it! Thanks for all your efforts!


  2. Awesome Music…

    Thanks for share it, thanks for this great music community.

    Regards from México.

  3. Hi,

    As the author and bass player of these songs, I’m delighted to discovered that my first band single is appreciated. If there is any questions, I’m your man 😉


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