Pink and Black- Sometimes I Feel… 12”

Here’s one that’s been posted elsewhere in the past, but I’ve given my own copy a once over. High quality, click removal, the whole works.

This 1984 single hails from the UK and is pure synthpop bliss. The main track appears twice here, in both extended and single form, and both versions are just ripe for the dance floor. There’s also a Spanish promo issue of this single from 1985, but I believe it’s nearly identical to this one, with the radio version appearing on side A. Also, there’s a rumour out there that one of the members of this project was also in Sex Gang Children (Illuminated Records also featured several Sex Gang related releases, as well as Portion Control & Poison Girls), but I can neither confirm nor deny this for sure. However, what I *CAN* say is you’re all gonna love this one.

Pink and Black- Sometimes I Feel… 12”
1. Sometimes I Wish (Dramadance USA Mix)
2. Sometimes I Wish (Radio)
3. Miss Fortune

*download it here*

6 Responses to “Pink and Black- Sometimes I Feel… 12””

  1. been LOVING the hell outta this one since i came across it earlier this year…thanx much for the fresh rip!

  2. interesting. the title and the all of it. nice one.

  3. I like it but (sorry) I would have preferred a version not (over)compressed to today’s standards. Click removal is OK, but it’s way louder than the original vinyl record. I’m a fighter against the horrible recent trend of “loudness war,” so I can never write positively about this kind of treatment to the innocent old records.

    It’s from 1984, and does NOT need to sound like 2009 or later. Now you probably know why I sometimes buy 1992 CD compilations and pay double money for them because post-2000s compilations usually have the songs cranked up too loud, killing dynamic range on the way.

    • Frankie Teardrop Says:

      there’s no compression on here, Andy. all i do is rip the record, and remove the clicks.

      If you look at the file in a waveform editor, you can see that all the peaks and limits are still there on the track, at their original range.

      But, if you feel you’re unhappy with the rip here provided, feel free to purchase the record and make your own rip of it to share with the world- no one’s stopping you.

  4. […] love, this song also calls the sweet, sugary, and sharp edge of bands like Strawberry Switchblade, Pink and Black, and especially Book of Love to mind.  There’s also some guitar undercurrents throughout the […]

  5. francchampa Says:

    This is a gem, I thank you a gazillion hugs for posting about this. I first heard this a few times around 84/85 at a few house parties I attended. It’s been that long since I’ve heard it again. It’s wild to finally get to listen and scoop any copy of it. I adore your site here btw, the information alone on all these artists is worth beyond the cosmos.

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