Taugadeildin- Taugadeildin 7” & Live Recordings

This post was brought to my attention by Josh of Dark Entries (if you don’t know the label yet, what the hell are you doing, man? Get over there and get shopping!). Thanks for the info and the head’s up, man!

Some amazingly catchy and dark Icelandic post-punk offered here. The band was apparently slated to appear in the infamous Rokk í Reykjavík documentary, but split prematurely. After the band split, Kommi joined an early incarnation of Q4U and soon brought Árni Daníel Júlíusson into the mix, who switched from bass to synth. The remaining lineup of Taugadeildin included Óskar Þórinsson and Egill Larússon on vocals, Þorsteinn Hallgrímsson on synth and Ódinn Guðbrandsson on guitar.

If you’ve got three grand or so lying around, you can get your very own copy of their self-titled 7”. Otherwise, the band has been kind enough to upload a rip to their site, at 128kpbs. You can find these tracks here as well, along with five live recordings!

Taugadeildin– Taugadeildin 7”
1. Her Longing
2. Taugadeildin
3. Guðir Hins Nýja Tíma
4. Hvítar Grafir

Live Recordings
1. Vetur
2. Sveitó
3. Space Queen
4. Íslandi allt
5. Stóð í glugga

*download it here*

You can also get a higher bitrate copy of “Her Longing” from Pheonix Hairpins post on The Northern Lights Playhouse LP, which featured the track as well.

Otherwise, stay tuned for some rather exciting Dark Entries releases to follow this year. Next up is Sic- Thought Noises and Buzz- See You Sioux, but you can also expect a Q4U release to appear on vinyl in the near future! For those who want more, there’s a new Q4U best of compilation out on Wave Records. Click here for more info!

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  1. Wow, this brings back memories. Thanks alot.

  2. White#Trash Says:

    WoW!!! in Discogs, lonely copy sellers in Sweden: €849,00 MMMhhhh………!!!!

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