The Alphabet- This Strange Love 7”

Here’s an extremely rare and rather unknown 7” from the UK. Judging from the cover, you’d expect some dark post-punk, aggro hardcore sort of thing, but instead we’re treated to two emotive minimal synth gems. I had to triple check the record to make sure it wasn’t some mixup!

I know very little about this one. The band hails from the UK and this is their only release, despite some misinformation over at their discogs page (the split listed with Invisible Hands is a newer release from the US, band with the same name, apparently). As for this release, it’s private press and doesn’t have a year listed on it anywhere, though I did come across 2 reduced price coupons for a hometown gig the band played back in the day, included in my copy. No year listed on those either. Perhaps someone out there knows the real story about this one- don’t be shy.

Otherwise, as I mentioned, there are two great minimal synth/new wave tracks here, the standout being the B-side, at least to my ears. A little acoustic guitar tossed in there, with some comparisons to Psychedelic Furs at times but with a ton of catchy electronics. Check it out:

The Alphabet- This Strange Love 7”
1. This Strange Love
2. The Handsome Beast

*download it here*

EDIT: I have some reason to believe that these guys are connected to the second lineup of Zero Le Creche, judging from their discogs entry. Seems like both Richard Thorne and vocalist Jamie Lord were involved with both projects, which sounds likely given the vocal similarities between the two. With that in mind, that probably puts this around 1983-4, from my humble guessing.

11 Responses to “The Alphabet- This Strange Love 7””

  1. Interesting! Curious if anyone has any more info.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Interesting but beatiful sound… thnks mate, ur blog rly diffirent !!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Im trying to download it,but it is going to another file when I open the archive.. just me?

  4. frankie teardrop Says:

    Afraid so— just tried to download it on my end and works just fine. Restart your computer/browser and give it another whirl.

  5. MIke Brandon Says:

    Hey there.

    amazing blog. been following it for a few years now,and I think I've posted here once before.

    This is Mike from Mahattan.

    I'm old friends with jack Rabid ( I contribute to BT fairly often)

    Anyway… astoundingly consistent postings!

  6. MIke Brandon Says:

    Oh, and…

    I'm listening to this very interesting compilation right now ( I think it only came out a few years ago)

    it's all Nordic Synth stuff. called "Maskindans".

    heard it?

  7. frankie teardrop Says:

    Hey Mike,
    Nice to hear from you again and glad you're enjoying the posts!

    I have a copy of that Maskindans compilation, and it's 100% killer stuff. Not a snoozer on there!

  8. Dude. There is no end to the wonderful stuff you turn up. Great work on the transcription to digital media, also!

  9. Hingehead Says:

    The bridge on the B-side sounds like the end part of Midnight Oil’s Koala Sprint

  10. This was quite a big ‘mystery song’ until last month, covered on forums, youtube etc!

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