Babel 17- Shamanic Tales LP

Babel 17 were among the touching pop giants on the infamous Lively Art label (and one of my personal favorites of the era). The band released one full length LP and 10” EP before disbanding. A third record was recorded and was meant to be released in 1992, but Lively Art went bankrupt and folded, leaving the album in limbo.

…Until now!

Babel 17- Shamanic Tales LP
1. Ghostdance
2. Jouvence
3. Kiss of Storm
4. Ring on the Bells
5. Kiddie’s Gone
6. Shamanic
7. The Nightmare Goes On
8. Sense of Life
9. Virtual Vision
10. Watch 2 (Intercosmik Version)
11. Ghostdancer (Long way Remix)
12. Sense of Dub
13. Ring On… (Instrumental Mix)

*download it here*

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  1. thank you frankie,saludos from argentina

  2. goutroy Says:


  3. Anonymous Says:


    Hey, any chance of uploading Asylum Party's "Borderline" in a decent bitrate? The only copy I can find swimming around the net seems to jump between 320 and 128 and it's obnoxiously noticable in the bass sound. D:

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Holy s*** : how did you manage to find this one ? I didn't believe I could listen to it one day. A million thanks for this !!!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Cool!! Thank you!

  6. Thank You!!!

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