Various Artists- Der Bau K7

This one goes out to all the Canadian readers I met this weekend in both Toronto and Montreal. Thanks for saying hello and hope to see you guys again soon!

While this particular cassette has been posted before, the digital copy I had was full of digital skips/jumps (a sound I detest more than almost anything, though the snow removal alarm trucks in Montreal have quickly risen up the ranks), so I’ve made a new, high bitrate rip from a borrowed copy. If you’re not already familiar with this one, you can expect another solid collection of French and Belgian coldwave greats, from the classics to the more obscure. Most prudent is the early version of Little Nemo’s “Love Is a Lie,” which does not appear elsewhere, including the expansive CD reissue. This is also Asylum Party and Neutral Project’s first release, dating back to 1986! The label, Aspect D’Une Certaine Industrie, is also responsible for the excellent Leiv Traumas & Machina compilations, as well as the first Neutral Project cassette.

The tape is a must hear for fans of the coldest, bleakest guitar wave. Dark music for dark times.

Various Artists- Der Bau K7
1. Siglo XX– Sweet Jane
2. Asylum Party– White Light
3. Les Maîtres– Une Douleur Passagère
4. Closed Session– My Shout
5. Neutral Project– Reviens…
6. Kindergarten– Spasmodic Alice
7. Anonymes– Interrogation 3986
8. Wallenberg– Dublin
9. Dead Relatives– Father Tranquille
10. Clair Obscur– Psychiatric
11. Little Nemo– Love Is A Lie
12. Komakino– Lacrima
13. I.W.N.N.– Venus
14. Bleme– This Wait

*download it here*

7 Responses to “Various Artists- Der Bau K7”

  1. Ten Thousand Eyes Says:

    what a post!
    Thank you for this great gift.

  2. MIke Brandon Says:


  3. there seems also to be a volume 2 listed on this page:
    but it doesnt seem to appear anywhere else.

  4. Where can I find “Ideal” by Neutral Project? I found the song on YouTube but can’t find it anywhere for download. If it’s up on this blog I’m just missing it. Thanks!

    • Frankie Teardrop Says:

      Hi Mike- Not sure where ‘Ideal’ appears originally, but it was reissued on the recent Transmissions Continued compilation released on Infrastition in 2007. Those compilations are essential coldwave staples, all killer!

  5. I get so confused by the tracklist xD
    In some entries its “artist – song”, and in another entries is “song – artist”.
    Thanks for the k7

  6. khzx117 Says:

    What intrigues and obsesses me about this compilation is the track of Bleme, a band that I haven’t been able to find any information other than its appearance in another compilation, (compilation that seemed equally impossible to find) I’ve found just another song from them, their sound is one of the coldest and most depressing I have heard in the underground coldwave scene. If anyone has more info or tracks about them I would appreciate it a lot.

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