Ice The Falling Rain– Lifes Illusion 7”

By request, here’s a clean, fresh, and high quality rip of an old classic 7” that many of you may have heard before. If you haven’t, skip this text and download straight away. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

This 1983 single is one of the most joyous, catchy, and danceable tracks in the entire new wave spectrum. It almost makes my teeth hurt, it’s so damn infectious. It was released on Future Records, who boast pretty impressive resume, including New OrderBlitz, Rhythm and Faith, Christian Death, Two, and The Wild Flowers 7” posted just recently. No info whatsoever about the band though, aside from four first names listed on the back sleeve, though likely it’s an offshoot from members of Violators. Otherwise, just another mysterious 7” floating around in the ether…

Ice The Falling Rain– Lifes Illusion 7”
1. Lifes Illusion
2. Illusions

*download it here*

I have a few rarities kicking around here that I’m working my way through, as well as more updated rips of bona-fide classics. Expect a few never-before-blogged releases next!

8 Responses to “Ice The Falling Rain– Lifes Illusion 7””

  1. bX-59cppw Says:

    …Marchington (who is mentioned in the label), should most probably be John Marchington from the Violators (whose releases were also on Future Records)…

  2. bX-59cppw Says:

    …same for Styles as well, also from Violators… ->

  3. Jenny White Says:

    Reminds me a bit of "Data" – LOVE this song! Thank you!!!

  4. Great post! Loving this one so much.

  5. Great post! Loving this one so much…

  6. areyoureceivingme Says:

    I have this 7″ but this download saves me some hassle. Thanks! Always reminded me of Section 25 a bit (Hilltop era). Brilliant single.

  7. Wow cuz this is great job! Congrats and keep it up.|


    The remains of the punk band The Violators went on to form Ice The Falling Rain post-split

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