Various Artists- Unreleased III CD

Here’s one for the romantics. Contained within we have the final installment of the Unreleased series, a strictly coldwave compilation from Présage records with many repeat offenders providing exclusive tracks. You can get volume I here and my own rip of volume II here. The only release outside of these compilations is the first Little Nemo 12”. Strange that the label didn’t do much else outside of these four releases, but hey.

This installment of the unreleased series from 1990 is the most curious of the lot, as the tracks are (mostly) instrumental. In fact, the entire disc is very classical and baroque influenced, with myriads of piano and strings making up the majority of the instrumentation. Some modern sounding synths and the occasional drum machine & bass romp kick in, but for the most part, it’s a relaxing and atmospheric affair.

A few of the artists that appear here aren’t much of a surprise, especially In the Nursery, who have always flirted with a more modern darkwave take on classical music in their later incarnations. Curiously absent is Collection D’Arnell~Andrea, but this is definitely a must for fans of that sort of sound. There’s a short piano contribution from Little Nemo founder Vincent Legallo and an exclusive Asylum Party track as well as several cuts from No Words and Rise And Fall Of A Decade, who comprise the majority of this collection. This one may not be for everyone, but it’s definitely one I enjoy very much.

Various Artists- Unreleased III CD
1. No Words- Futile Research
2. Vincent Legallo- Helioneiros N° 1
3. No Words- Silent Call
4. Asylum Party- Wet Button
5. Rise and Fall of a Decade- Unity Mitford
6. Trees Dance- Fracture
7. Rise and Fall of a Decade- Theme Kurland
8. No Words- Classical Side
9. In The Nursery- Seraphic
10. Trees Dance- Lust In Holy Dust
11. Rise and Fall of a Decade- Galdhöppigen Glittertind
12. Trees Dance- No Access
13. Vincent Legallo- Orgues Allemands
14. No Words- Prémonition
15. No Words- Hommage A Gaétan Blondeau

*download it here* (RE-RIPPED 8.29.17)

8 Responses to “Various Artists- Unreleased III CD”

  1. I am in love with this!

  2. nolan voyd Says:

    great post. thanks. too bad about vol. 1

  3. frankie teardrop Says:

    ahh, looks like megaupload strikes again, though that blog is still active. might be worth asking for a reupload! if not, i have a 192 rip i can upload sometime.

  4. MIke Brandon Says:

    Low bit rip right here (for previewing purposes!)

  5. An all time (french only… except the ITN track !) favorite of mine… I bought the CD back in 1990… I keep on listening to it quite often. Clearly neo-classical orientated : amazing Asylum Party instrumental, best tracks form Rise&Fall ever, outstanding solo works from Vincent "Little Nemo" Le Gallo…and I should not forget the wonderful contributions from Trees Dance and No Words… For all of you who do not know yet this pure gem… Enjoy (I'm jealous about you 🙂

  6. bialy_gibson Says:

    Interesting thing about track Trees Dance – Fracture. There is short speech starting 1:30 – it’s a fragment of Polish prayer.

  7. A very dreamy, soft and beautiful coldwave sound in this compilation. Thanks a lot ♥

  8. Nero Schwarz Says:

    Any chances for the full album by Trees Dance from 1992…? It has not been re-released since.

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