Nuvo West- Scary LP

Here’s a rare and obscure minimal synth LP from Phoenix, Arizona, perfect for fans of Bugger West, Tone Set, Combined Minds, etc (the latter two who also hailed from Arizona). Varying degrees of DIY desert-synth magic here, my favorite track being the closing instrumental “Shades of Yesterday,” which almost feels like a synth version of Angelo Badalamenti’s Twin Peaks score… I do believe there’s a tape out there somewhere that precedes this LP, but no info about that one, sorry!

Thanks to Bx-59cppw for the donation!

Nuvo West- Scary LP
1. Theme For Alienation
2. Accidents Don’t Happen In My World
3. Dogs Have Their Days
4. Little Yellow Pills
5. Androids Love
6. Shades Of Yesterday

*download it here*

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  1. this is a real gem, many thanks

  2. I remember buying this from an Arizona record dealer many years ago and not knowing much about it. It’s since become a sought after rarity in the minimal synth collector arena. It comes with a really nice insert with a bunch of quirky prictures.

  3. Love how you continually come up with bands I never heard of! And I was buying and into New Wave back in the early 80s! It was Ian Curtis(of Joy Division) who once complained that there were too many bands in his day; he’d spin in his grave if he knew just how many there were back then! Thanks for a great site, glad you-unlike a number of others-have survived the music blog shake up of late! Hope I enjoy this obscure band! Kenny

  4. stumm26 Says:

    Frank & Bx-59cppw, thanks a lot!

  5. love the new blog. Thank you so much for deciding to do this and for not throwing in the towel. This world is becoming enough of a wasteland, without the music it would be unbearable.

  6. I know the lead singer and the bass guitar player… still friends with both of them… the lead singer is in a band in Prescott Arizona now… but back in the day I spent all my time out at the bar’s watching Nuvo West perform night after night… it was the best time of my life… I have lots of pictures still to this day of the band… They were different but that’s what made them so great !!

  7. Sonic Mike Says:

    I was the guitarist lead singer in the band. If anyone is interested in Original NUVO WEST EPs, I have very few left for sale. Contact me at

  8. Sonic Mike Says:

    The email is bad; should be

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