New Age- Livin For Now 12”

Here’s another New Age release, perfectly re-ripped/tagged and cleaned up by the almighty bx-59cppw. You can read more about these guys and grab their full length LP here. Both releases hail from 1982, while their debut 7” came out the year before.

The clear standout here is the closing track, dripping with synths and nervous energy, very akin to the likes of Magazine’s “The Light Pours Out of Me.” My kind of post-punk!

New Age- Livin For Now 12”
1. Livin For Now
2. Amazed
3. All I Want
4. First To Live First To Die

*download it here*

2 Responses to “New Age- Livin For Now 12””

  1. thanks man,always interesting stuff,you make a poor patagonian very happy

  2. Lune noire Says:

    merci pour cette √©tonnante d√©couverte, le cousin du Magazine d’H.Devoto.
    excellent .

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