Necropolis Of Love- In Search Of… 12” / The Graffiti 1.31.1985

Uploading this as I just came across a copy and haven’t seen it posted out there before.  This is the final piece of the Necropolis of Love puzzle, which began with a minimal synth-tinged 7” in 1982 and ended with 1984’s The Hope, which is a seminal piece of post-punk from the West Coast scene (the guitar version of “Talk” remains a constant staple in my DJ sets).

However, this record walks a fine line between both sounds, catching the band in a transitional phase.  “Dance,” despite the surface-level title is an excellent wave track with club aspirations, the best moments being the ascending synth lines.  A different version of track also appears on The Hope 12”.  “Debutante” is a rhythm-based track that reminds me of a more dance-oriented Störung, with blaring saxophones to break up the repetitive rhythms.  “Cafetown” is the weakest song here, a jerky number with lyrics that seem to criticize California coffee-shop types.

This 12” was released in a generic sleeve- likely in small numbers, and it seems the scarcest of all the Necropolis of Love releases.  The copy I have didn’t sound that wonderful, but between the record cleaner and a little even-handed click removal, it should be a serviceable listen until a better copy presents itself .  I’ve only heard one other rip of this 12” before (overblown and tinny sounding) but it seems to have similar issues, so this is perhaps a common pressing problem.  If anyone else has a better sounding copy out there, feel free to get in touch!

As a bonus, I’ve uploaded a radio session the band performed on KSUF in 1985, featuring several unreleased tracks as well as a few familiar favorites.  This has been floating out there for some time but I don’t think it’s been blogged before either, so I’ll include it for anyone who missed it the first time around.  It seems the band has shed some more light on their time together, and there was to be an album deal with Sire records but it ultimately fell through.   Curious if some of these tracks were  being considered for the LP…

Necropolis of Love- In Search Of… 12”
1. Dance (Dance Mix)
2. Debutante
3. Cafe Town

Necropolis of Love- The Graffiti- Jan 31st 1985 (Live on KSUF)
1. KSUF Announcer Intro
2. Night Out
3. Cafe Town
4. The Tunnel
5. Alyssa
6. Heart of the Beast

*download both here*

13 Responses to “Necropolis Of Love- In Search Of… 12” / The Graffiti 1.31.1985”

  1. many thanks for these

  2. thanx again,man,always expecting something interesting from you.

  3. Frankie–

    I think I’ve gone through your entire back catalogue but don’t remember seeing any Dalek I Love you posts. Have you posted anything by them? I’d be keen to see/hear that! Thanks and keep up the good work!


    • Frankie Teardrop Says:

      Hi Josh- I have not posted anything of theirs- and I don’t think I’m familiar with them outside of the name. Wasn’t that the band Andy McClusky was in before OMD?

  4. It would be cool if a smoother rip of Idiom Flesh’s ‘It and Holiday’ were found and ripped.

  5. Chariotdrvr14 Says:

    You didn’t like ‘Cafè Town’?

    • Frankie Teardrop Says:

      Hey David-nice to hear from you! I don’t necessarilly dislike the song, it’s just my least favorite of the three. Otherwise, big fan of the band here- “Talk” gets played almost every week at the Wierd Records party in NYC!

      • Chariotdrvr14 Says:

        Hi Frankie,…..That’s really cool to hear. I appreciate it.
        Coincidentally I was just yesterday trying figure out a new version of Talk for my current band. Later someone pointed out your blog to me…. I took that as a positive sign.
        I know. Café Town has a strange drum rhythm… & the rest was me venting about a café I worked at that seemed to be a lunatic magnet.
        Thanks for keeping the music from bands like ours still out there.

        • Frankie Teardrop Says:

          I had a feeling that was the basis behind that song. Nice seething lyrics for sure.

          Really glad to hear you’ve got a new band and are giving “Talk” another go as well. Keep us all posted when there’s a release/shows/or if there’s a facebook page, etc. I’d be happy to update the post with any other info you have!
          Keep in touch!

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