Weeping Messerschmitts- Nothing Yet 12”

This one’s been shared before, but deserves another pass.  A Wierd party*, guitar-heavy favorite, this 12” was released in 1986 and features a darker jangle-pop sound, akin to the likes of The Smiths, For Against, The Wild Flowers/Lemon Drops, etc.   This sort of thing has been heavy on my summer playlist, so what better timing?

This is the only record they ever released, disappearing soon after without much of a trace.  Last.fm lists five band members, some names which appear in the logs, but can’t trace anything for certain without a few wild guesses.  Vocalist Dave Webb has also posted two unreleased tracks on Youtube, which you can check out here and here!

As always, any additional information is welcome.

Weeping Messerschmitts- Nothing Yet 12”
1. Nothing Yet
2. Say Goodbye
3. Panthera Parvos

*Download it here*

*Speaking of which, if anyone wants to see what we’re up to, I’ll be posting weekly playlists from the Wierd party here!

4 Responses to “Weeping Messerschmitts- Nothing Yet 12””

  1. pleasant surprise! Salutations from californira!

  2. Good evening, I’m from Brazil.
    You have available in your file Bands De Medicis and Death Among Friends?
    If you could post materials of these two bands would be very grateful.
    Hugs from Brazil,

  3. davewebb1@blueyonder.co.uk Says:

    Any information you need to fill gaps I’d be pleased to help

  4. I am looking for any material death among friend. The only record I found was a track on youtube called lily. I would like to know more information about this band.
    Hugs from Brazil,

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