Branches- Distance CD

Here’s a more modern release, generously donated by Jason.   While I generally shy away from sharing material from the 2000s, this CD is both tremendous and so incredibly under the radar that it deserves to be heard en masse.

This CD harkens back to a time when there was a lot of new talent to be found, but no scene to attach itself to.  These days, darkwave/synth/goth music is much more in sync with current underground taste, with dozens of new bands and labels flourishing, deservedly so.  Meanwhile, many of the bands from the early-to-mid 2000s remain completely undiscovered, as the timing just wasn’t right, apparently.  Bands like Moldig, Black Ice, Bell Hollow, The Opposite Sex, The Floor, Sixteens, The Hunt, etc. were all tremendous modern forces flirting with a fresh new takes on post-punk/darkwave music, but remained criminally under-the-radar, outside of the select few involved with or highly interested in this style.

Branches certainly qualify as one of these lost gems, as this album was self-released in 2006.  The four piece band is Italian and this is their only release, which is rather difficult to find these days.  My favorite track is the dancefloor ready “My Time Is Falling Out” but there’s enough contrast between the club-ready hits and the gloomier side of the spectrum to make this a solid album all the way through.  I truly love every track and think you guys will as well.

Branches- Distance CD
1. Branches
2. My Time Is Falling Out
3. From Somewhere
4. Show Me Your Face
5. Nice
6. Distance
7. No Direction
8. The Lure
9. First Lights
10. Where The Dawn Comes Late

*download link removed* —> After eight years, the band has released a brand new LP! You can pick up a digital copy of Distance, as well as the band’s latest LP Old Forgotten Places on their brand new bandcamp page! Be sure and support the band!

11 Responses to “Branches- Distance CD”

  1. You’re absolutely right about that era of bands being kind of at a loss. The Vanishing were great as were Phantom Limbs. There was a great self-released demo as a spin-off from The Holy Kiss called Jeweled Cats that highly recommend checking out as a lost darkwave/creep synth gem.

  2. Thank You. Good music.

  3. always popping up something interesting.My biggest thanks form southern patagonia.

  4. Lovely stuff, this. Your whole System expands my mind.

  5. currently enjoying “From Somewhere” – excellent track. Thank you for making this album known.

  6. Obrigado por disponibilizar tais materiais, não conhecia esta banda.

  7. I haven’t posted on blogs in some years, but I downloaded this in September and at first thought it too much of a knockoff and dismissed it as another band that sounded too much like yesterday so why not just listen to the bands they are referencing instead. But perhaps between the glum, sullen and listless nature of the day after the hurricane, this is hitting me differently. It’s pretty good actually. And in a back to back with Moev’s 81-82, it has good flow. (or maybe its the only things on my computer right now). ah well.

  8. Keith Riches Says:

    Thank you for sharing this. Very nice album.

  9. Jesse Oor Says:

    Good album, appreciate the upload and share.

  10. […] received a lot of great feedback about Branches, another band that Jason recommended and shared a rip of here, and with his advice in mind, I plan […]

  11. Great stuff that – it’s a favorite of mine. As are a lot of things you have posted here over the last couple of years: Many thanks for much amazing music, rescued from terminal obscurity.

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