Breathless- Nailing Colours To The Wheel 12”

In general, I’ve always found Breathless to be one of the most underrated bands in the post-punk/dreampop spectrum.  While many are familiar with Dominic Appleton’s voice via This Mortal Coil’s sophomore release Filigree and Shadow (and one track on Blood), few I talk to seem familiar with his own band, which existed beforehand and still exists today (new album in the works).  It’s a shame, as the majority of their material is among the best I’ve ever heard.  Predating My Bloody Valentine’s stylistic shift by a few years, there are sounds at play that would soon become shoegaze staples.  Tremendous layered guitars.  Dream-like atmosphere and epic swells.  Rhythmic bass.  Appleton’s singular vocals.  Throw in John Fryer’s always amazing production (especially on the killer drumming) and you have something truly special.

While a good majority of the band’s material has been reissued or compiled, it seems like this 12” has fallen by the wayside, outside of two tracks which appear elsewhere on full length records.  I haven’t seen it blogged before (though I could be wrong), and most rips I’ve come across are lacking in bitrate or depth.  So, with that in mind, here’s a crystal-clear rip of this fantastic 12” from 1986.  Every track here is perfection, and the opening song “Bad Blood” (an exclusive to this 12”) may just be a contender for my favorite song of all time.

You can easily find this 12” for sale for rather cheap, proof that sometimes the best records are often very affordable.  No post-punk collection should be without this record.

Breathless- Nailing Colours To the Wheel 12”
1. Bad Blood
2. Waiting On the Wire
3. Count On Angels
4. The Warmest Kiss

*download it here*

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  1. Thank You For This.

  2. great stuff, many thanks

  3. One of my favourite bands, although they did make some unfortunate excursions into a more metal aesthetic later in their career. I was lucky enough to find them right away and buy such records as this.

    “Count On Angels” was on the previous album “The Glass Bead Game” and “Waiting On the Wire” was to be released on the subsequent LP “Three Times And Waving”. Those are my favourite tracks, but this EP is worth it for the other two songs, appearing only here.

  4. I have adored this group since picking up the previous 12″, Two Days from Eden, at Rough Trade (SF) and then playing it ceaselessly for anyone who would listen; it is still my favorite moment of theirs. I was on two C’est La Mort compilations with them, and in each case Breathless had one of the stand-out tracks. I was always a bit sad the EPs never came together on a CD, as this, Two Days, and Ageless are among their best work, and yes, Bad Blood is just splendid, with a locked-in groove rather unique among their songs. I am still kicking myself for missing word of their show here in SF at Cafe du Nord one week when I too cursorily read the club’s schedule – and for neglecting to pick up their first 7″ when I saw it at the same shop. Utterly sublime stuff. Thank you for posting.

  5. OMG, thank you SO MUCH for this! I’ve owned this record since it first came out, but I never quite got around to ripping all of my vinyl. I still have it, but a little while ago I had to replace my receiver and discovered that the new one doesn’t have a phono level input. Eventually I’ll either get a pre-amp or I’ll buy a new turntable with USB and line level outputs (surprisingly, those two options cost about the same), but in the meantime, I can’t even listen to any of my old records.

    Today I was desperately searching around for a way to listen to this album and couldn’t find any. iTunes carries a huge number of Breathless releases, but not this one, and only two of the four tracks appear on other albums that they do have.

    I was ready to give up, when I found this post. You are my new favourite person. 🙂

  6. Thanks so much for this! I have the 12″ but not digitally.

  7. Thank you for this. Any chance you could upload the Ageless EP? That is possibly my favorite, but 2/3s of it appears to be unavailable digitally. The Waterland/Second Heaven 7″ is another “lost” classic as well.

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