Résistance- Résistance K7

Coldwave fans rejoice!  Here we have an incredibly rare and generous donation of the first Résistance release, an extremely limited K7 from 1985- only 200 copies which are known to exist.

The tape predates Between Two Lights by a year and features an exclusive set of recordings. A few of the songs would go on to appear elsewhere- “On Your Body/Clinch” was re-recorded for the excellent Passage Du Trou Marin K7, and both “Out of the Body” and “Chain” appear as part of a live set on the Between Two Lights reissue on Infrastiton.  The CD reissue of 8 also features the Passage tracks as well as “Decline”- recorded as an appendage to both but  which appears here separately.   It seems like they enjoyed revisiting these songs a few times over the years, fleshing them out from their earlier counterparts with heavier percussive sounds and bells.   There’s a fair share of exclusive tracks here too, so hope you enjoy!

Résistance- Résistance K7
1. Between 2 Lights
2. Chain
3. Mainland
4. Studio Du Meix
5. Out Of The Body
6. Clinch T
7. Decline
8. M L

*download it here*

3 Responses to “Résistance- Résistance K7”

  1. Thanks, I love this band since I saw it on French TV in 1988… That’s a while back 🙂
    I didn’t even know that there was a tape pre between two lights.
    Your blog is amazing. Cheers,

  2. What a great blogspot! This is amazing!!
    I Thank You soo much for sharing this.

  3. Woops! I meant Resistance. Too many damn bands floating in my head. Not Ellysgarden, Resistance. I can’t get enough of these tapes!

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