The Trial- You and Darkness 7”

Here’s another entry from The Trial, the excellent Czechoslovakian synth band previously covered here and here.  This 7” completes their vinyl discography, and was released in 1992 to coincide with the band’s upcoming tour.   The a-side is very percussion-driven and the second features a fuller synth arrangement that almost borderlines on freestyle/new beat- but both tracks are very welcome additions to their discography.

Speaking of which, the band issued a free download of an entire LP’s worth of demo recordings from 1989/1990.  Really great stuff, as always.  You can grab that by clicking here.

The Trial- You and Darkness 7”
1. You and Darkness
2. Into the Night

*download it here*

Don’t forget to visit the band’s official page for more info, lyrics, photos, and more!

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