Ellysgarden- Demo K7

Here’s another generous donation, this time from Jonathan. Here we have a demo tape from Ellysgarden, recorded in 19881995*.  If you haven’t heard their full length record, 1994’s Echoes, you can grab that here.

For those unfamiliar, the band shares members with Rosa Luxemburg, a band that appears on several classic French compilations.  The band employs a more jangle/dreampop sound than most of their contemporaries, recalling bands like Kitchens of Distinction, House of Love, and Catherine Wheel.   However, this tape leans more towards their post-punk roots and is an absolute must for fans of fans of Sad Lovers and Giants, Lowlife, and Comsat Angels circa My Mind’s Eye (an underrated latter-day classic).

The tape features eight unheard songs that were never recorded again.  No artwork for this one! Including a promo photo instead.

*EDIT: Thanks to Philippe Faraut for filling in the missing gaps!  I can now report that this cassette was meant to be Ellysgarden’s SECOND album, recorded in 1995 and not 1988 as originally posted.   The original master tapes for the pressing were lost in the mail, so all that remains of the album is this demo tape…

Ellysgarden- Demo K7
1. Pretty Accidents
2. Twice
3. Bleed or Shine
4. Reach Out
5. Heroes/High
6. Wrecked Skies
7. Ghardaia
8. Your Shammed Tears

*download it here*

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  1. Thx a lot for this one. I love the “Echoes” album very much. Do you perchance know if there are any demo K7 of Rosa Luxemburg? I adore their compilation contributions.

  2. Hi Frankie,
    I have an unreleased album from late Ellysgarden, must check what’s on it. I’ll keep you inform. I remember that it was a little bit more poppy.

  3. Wonderful thank you ! Absolutely loved ‘Echoes’ now I’m quite eager to hear this. I read above me a mention of Rosa Luxemburg demos..I’m equally curious and I wonder if any do possibly exist !?

  4. thanx, i’ll try it. I uploaded in soundcloud some demos from postpunk and synthpop bands from argentina (80s and early 90s mostly) search for holoceno1 tracks,perhaps you like some.None of them went beyond tape and wrere unavailable for years until i recently found the tapes.Cheers

  5. Decent stuff that I’ll listen to more than once.

  6. SlowPulseGirl, Surely you’ve heard Over the Fancies and the full length…As for Rosa Luxembourg, this is so damn hard to find…although I do think the vocalist sounds like she’s on helium…although, the music is great. Big cheers on all the K7 stuff here. WOW! (if only there was demo for Across the Ocean)

  7. tnx for this wow

  8. This is absolutely stunning! Thank you

  9. hello there!
    i’m philippe faraut, member and composer of Rosa Luxemburg and Ellysgarden. I’m quite happy to notice that several people, here and there, can listen to / talk about this music, that we made with all our heart.

    just a correction: the demo you’re talking about was recorded in 1995, and to be precise, didn’t mean to be a demo but the second album of Ellygarden.
    Because of a postal “problem”, all the tapes were lost, and what remained was only a K7.


    • Frankie Teardrop Says:

      Thanks for the correction, Philippe! I’ve always enjoyed your work with both bands. Are you still making music?

      • you’re welcome Frankie! yes, i actually never stopped making music. That’s a long story! Now i’m playin in a minimal pop electro etc project, Hi Cowboy (you may find some music on Souncloud).

    • hey Philippe. this comment is almost 5 years old so i doubt you’ll read this but i’ll reply anyway. i just wanna say, i absolutely adore your music!!!!!!! i listened to ‘Echoes’ for the first time a few days ago and i’m obsessed! So underrated. The demo is great as well!!
      i’ll have to listen to your other projects as well.
      cheers 🙂

      • Anonymous Says:

        hello “P”! i’m so happy that you, so many years after, can be touched by this music i still love as i composed it one day ago.
        It’s a great award for me and the passion i always showed in making music.
        Thanx to this excellent blog.

  10. Hello, i wonder where Jonathan get this demo. Where can i join him ?

  11. Here’s my email address : faab.bulle@laposte.net

  12. This demo has been recorded in 1998 or 1997 not in 1988.

  13. Hello, as Faro says, this demo was recorded in 1995. I was the bassist of Rosa Luxemburg and Ellysgarden. I’m very happy too that several people can listen to and talk about this music. With Faro we are surprised to find this demo on your site because there was only one tape. So as i said before, we’d like to ask Jonathan where did he get the copy.

    Cheers !!

  14. White Trash Says:

    Hi Frankie, I taking many times to dwld Ellysgarden demo and also the LP, but the DWLD work till at 30%….
    Do you could something for this???
    I wait an your ansuer.

    Greets from WhTs#

  15. gracias es realmente impresionante lo que se puede encontrar en este grandioso blog

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