The Laughing Apple- The Ha Ha Hee Hee! E.P.

Excellent minimal post-punk 7” from 1981, as donated by the great bx-59cppw.  Most notably, The Laughing Apples were the springboard for Creation Records’ Alan McGee.  After a handful of private releases, McGee and bandmate Andrew Innes would form both Biff Bang Pow! and Revolving Paint Dream, two early Creation staples.  The label would grow to prominence with bands such as Slowdive, Adorable, and My Bloody Valentine.  Innes is also a member of Primal Scream, one of the label’s most lucrative bands.

This 7” should appeal to fans of They Must Be Russians, Marquis De Sade, and Product of Reason, not to mention McGee’s garage rock fascination.  Be sure to listen carefully, or it’ll be over before you know it!

The Laughing Apple- The Ha Ha Hee Hee! E.P.
1. Sometimes I Wish
2. Chips For Tea
3. Upstairs Downstairs
4. I’m Okay

*download it here*

2 Responses to “The Laughing Apple- The Ha Ha Hee Hee! E.P.”

  1. This was interesting.I liked the background synth in ‘Im okay’ 😀

  2. plastiquegal Says:

    It’s such a great EP. I found it about a year ago and really think it’s aces. Thanks for sharing it…I guess someone else enjoys it too! Although I dont know that Minimal post punk is how I’d label it, I think it’s just early indie. But that’s just my take.

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