Denial- California Dreaming 7”

Ever since I picked up an instrument, I have wanted to record a cover of infamous 60s pop hit “California Dreaming” and expose it for the haunting dirge it really is… While I’m sure it’s not a stretch to envision a darker world painted in the Mamas and Papas hit from 1965, the idea always appealed to me.  However, looks like the job was done already, thanks to Australian synth band Denial, who issued a stark, brutal cover of the tune in 1982, backed with an excellent original rickety post-punk track…

This lone 7” was released on the infamous M Squared label, who were responsible for Xero and Scattered Order as well…  This is the only release under the name Denial, but they were previously known as Aural Indifference, who appear most prominently on The Minimal Wave Tapes vol. 2 compilation from 2012 as well as a compilation on M Squared.

Denial- California Dreaming 7”
1. California Dreaming
2. The Weathermen

*download link removed*

This 7” has been reissued as of May 2016 on A Colorful Sound. Copies can be purchased on their official site, or through Juno‘s mailorder!

8 Responses to “Denial- California Dreaming 7””

  1. Awesome post. as usual.

    Frank. my pal Nadine said she saw you DJ like a week or so ago. and that it was the TOPS.

    I gotta come catch one of your sets. how many you doing this winter? is it a reg. thing?

    • Frankie Teardrop Says:

      hey Mike (and hay Nadine!) I’m at Wierd every Wednesday for the time being… Some great shows coming up in February. Hope to see you there!

  2. Wow, what a beauty! Not sure yet which side I prefer. Thank you very much for this gem!

  3. wow, this is fantastic…thanx much!

  4. Wow, they really nailed this song. Excellent find.

  5. Kai Griffin Says:

    Wore out this single when it came out, and I still have it (looking rather warped now). Your date of release is wrong, though; it was released in 1982, not 1987.

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