L.A.S.’s Crime- Five Lies & Electa K7s


Two excellent tapes here from Italian project L.A.S.’s Crime, short for Lord Arthur Seville’s Crime, named after a classic Oscar Wilde novel. L.A.S.’s. Crime consisted of the duo of Sandro Marchetti and Maria Elena Brogi, who were very diverse and prolific over the course of five years.  The great Bx59cppw has shared several of their cassettes in the past, and Italian label Mannequin has reissued a compilation of material in 2012, featuring thirteen tracks from the band’s tenure, including a handful from these two tapes.   More people seem to know this band than ever before, so why not share a few more pieces of the band’s discography!


L.A.S.’s Crime- Five Lies K7(1986)
1. Five Lies
2. Taedium Vitae
3. And Now
4. Statuary Emotion
5. Last Metro
6. Arabian Silence
7. Macabra Danza
8. The Lost Men
9. Devil In The Mirror
10. The Garden
11. Without Nothing
12. Inner World
13. The Important Day
14. My People Gone Away
15. Mary’s Room
16. The Snake
17. Small Man
18. The Final Scream


L.A.S.’s Crime- Electa K7 (1988)
1. Atmosphere n.1
2. Animals Die
3. Atmosphere n.2
4. Party’s Over
5. Atmosphere n.3
6. Morpheus
7. Atmosphere n.4
8. Matrix
9. Atmosphere n.5
10. Dark Xmas
11. Atmosphere n.6
12. The Ultimate Sacrifice

*download both here*

The band recently joined Facebook as well and have uploaded a bunch of pictures, interviews, and miscellaneous images.  Feel free to drop them a line!

4 Responses to “L.A.S.’s Crime- Five Lies & Electa K7s”

  1. I’m speechless.. Ty!

  2. Thank you! May be this two tapes are not the final official versions (may be Electa is really the true demo distributed by Energeia, but not five lies and this strange handmade artwork in black and white…) but I am very happy you share them! Soon Five lies will be reissued on bandcamp in his original version…on bandcamp we have just put our first record (1989) Abyss 43 and our best demoes, Inanitas and Korobi…if you want, write me in pvt and I will send to you everything…

  3. You set very high standards for this new year !
    Thank you for this wonderful discovery (yet another one!)

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