Fauli- Jugend Unsinn K7

Good news for fans of Daily Fauli’s scarce Fauli Til Dauli LP, previously posted in 2009.  Word on the street is that the long sought after LP will receive the reissue treatment via Minimal Wave, due out later this year.  Even better news, today’s post is related, and features Søren Fauli’s first cassette release, a generous donation from a reader that left me stunned, as I had no idea there was another release, let alone one that predates the LP by a year!

11 tracks of unabashed minimal synth with a slightly punk edge- a tape that should please fans of the rare, DIY aesthetic.  The cassette sleeve doesn’t come with a tracklisting, though I’m told the first track goes by the name “Slow.”  If anyone knows the proper names for these tracks, feel free to chime in here.  Otherwise, enjoy this immensely rare piece of Danish minimal synth, and stay tuned for that reissue!


Fauli- Jugend Unsinn K7

*download it here*


5 Responses to “Fauli- Jugend Unsinn K7”

  1. Thank you!

  2. I have an original pressing of the Fauli Til Dauli LP and it’s a great one. Definitely a good one for the reissue process, considering how rare it has become.

  3. Awesome, thanks Frankie!

    Looks like that Minimal Wave reissue of the LP has been shelved.

  4. Was not expecting what I just heard. Truly thankful for sharing this with me, and I take that personal. ha ha ha.


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