Harumi Shimada- Yakō Shōnen 7”

Another quick and dirty post here, an excellent 7” from Japan, released in 1984 via Forecast Records. According to the discogs entry, this 7” was written by Masahiro Sugawara, who was also involved in After the Sludge.  Harumi was just one of six people who performed on this 7”, which features an excellent mid-tempo minimal synth track.  The B-side appears to be a bizarre dub version of the track which weaves in and out of coherence and descends into chaos over the course of 5 minutes.  Safe to assume that the B-side is the English translation of Yakō Shōnen.

I have plenty of excellent coldwave on the back burner, but it’s been a long time since we’ve had a bona fide minimal synth rarity, so have at it!

Harumi Shimada- Yakō Shōnen 7”
1. Yakō Shōnen
2. Midnight Boy

*download it here*

4 Responses to “Harumi Shimada- Yakō Shōnen 7””

  1. Mike Brandon Says:


  2. Among the few albums from Japanese bands I own, not all are as good, but all are as crazy!
    Thanks for this one.

  3. Scott Phillips Says:

    I just love this stuff. Brilliant post.

  4. Always happy to hear something from Japan. Thanks!

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