Mickeranno- Mickeranno LP

Here’s another LP on donation from Ondanera, deep from the heart of Italy.  This LP is the lone release from Mickeranno, an artist from Catania, a town in Sicily (Sicilian pride!).  As I understand it, Jacopo Leone was the primary musician for this release, with a few collaborators providing drums, trumpet, and other touches. Recorded in Northern Italy in the Emilia Romagna region, the album didn’t break out past its native country when it was released in 1985, so hopefully it can find new life here.

Fans of bands like Felt, Dif Juz, or the Durutti Column will love this one, as it’s a quiet, understated affair, with subtle electronic/dark synth flourishes against a mostly acoustic backdrop. A really haunting record from a very humble and quiet area in Italy. The standout track is easily the gloomy “Da Un’altra Parte” (From Another Part) but this a really interesting listen, front to back. Hope you enjoy it!

Mickeranno- Mickeranno LP
1. Decisioni
2. Solo Voci
3. Boh
4. Dai Vetri
5. D.D.
6. E Per Un Paio Di Giorni
7. Uscirò Ogni Sera
8. Fotocopiandoti
9. Nel Buio
10. Da Un’Altra Parte
11. Che Si Tratti Di Me?
12. Boh (Versione 2)

*download it here*

PS- I removed the link for La Valse for now… I’m expecting a copy of the 7” in the mail.  Once it arrives, I’ll make a new rip and let you all know so you can update your digital files.  Hang tight, and thanks as always for the support.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Very much looking forward to it!! Best blog around!

  2. This seems it will be a good spin with some Sicilian crooning.

    • One thousand thanx for this one, never saw in real even at the times. But I really wonder if they were from Sicily, always thought they were from reggio emilia, and no sicilian accen in it. Mais c’est un detail ! Grazie, Indomito

      • Frankie Teardrop Says:

        The best part about albums like these is unraveling the mystery! Hopefully as more people listen, some more info can be found. Glad you guys are enjoying it- thanks again to Ondanera for the rip as well as the info thus far!

        • Ondanera Says:

          The work was recorded in Reggio Emilia but the conception is sicilian (with 2 emilian helps for the realization)…thank to Frankie for all this italian wave space ! Stay tuned guys and girls…

          • Anonymous Says:

            Buona a sapersi ! una delle rare recensioni su Komakino (it fanzine) parlava solo di Reggio Emilia.
            Thanx, Indomito

          • Anonymous Says:

            Buona a sapersi ! In una delle rare recensioni diell’album su Komakino (it fanzine) si parlava solo di Reggio Emilia. Thanx, Indomito.

  3. Very special this one!
    For Durutti fans indeed!
    Thanks very very much.
    Can’t wait for more italian treasures,
    but i will show patience

  4. Thanks a lot for this record! A true masterpiece…

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