La Valse- Winter 7”

Incredibly rare 7” from the Netherlands here that I’ve seen on several wantlists over the years.  Due time for this gem to be heard!  No year attached to this one, and despite the label (No Records), it may be a private pressing.  If I had to guess, it has an early 80s feel to it- perhaps 1981-4 due to the prominent use of the TR606 (EDIT: according to a magazine listing, this was released in 1984).  The band were from Breda and this is their only release, perfect for fans of that cold guitar sound with both male and female vocals on the a-side.  Minimal synth fans should also enjoy this one, as the flip features some trademark synth and drum machine work.  You can also find “Sorrow” on one of the None Night of Flexipop compilations…

Either way, both tracks here are great, gloomy affairs that should feel at home for fans of The Names/Factory Records.

Thanks to Stéphane for clueing me into and sending me the original rip of this lost classic!

La Valse- Winter 7”
1. Winter
2. Sorrow

*download it here* (RE-RIPPED at 320 kbps 5.5.13)

10 Responses to “La Valse- Winter 7””

  1. craig smolen Says:

    i have this single and can send a better ripped copy if you like

  2. dollorosa Says:

    Great stuff Frankie! =)

  3. thanks for this gem

  4. olivier Says:

    fantastic music. Thanx a lot

  5. COSMO-NOTES Says:

    It was released February 1984 (according to Vinyl Magazine)

  6. superb music loved all

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