Dropopop- Knuste Drømmer 7”

This 7” was a recent discovery (on Youtube of all places), and it’s as cold as the night is long.  This one-off single from Norway was released in 1982 and bears a strong resemblance to the usual suspects, including heavy influence by Joy Division and early Cure, as well as sharing similar sonic territory with bands like the Dutch Neon, The Opposition’s amazing first record, and the U 137 single I just posted a few days ago.

The A-side is a recent obsession of mine with heavy drums and haunting melodies, but the two tracks on the flip are equally commanding, dark and intense listens.  The band have three more other songs spread across two different cassette comps. but I haven’t heard them.

As always, little to be found about the band.  It appears they were from Skien, a large shipping town in the Southeast of Norway. A four piece by defintion, there were two additional musicians on this single, one playing string synths and the other credited with additional drum work.  Their label, Uncle Remus Records, also released a 7” and LP by fellow Norweigans band Øresus, which you can grab here if you want some excellent anthemic punk a la Generation X or the KBD comps.  But I know you guys, you like it cold and dark…

Dropopop- Knuste Drømmer 7”
1. Knuste Drømmer
2. Frykt
3. Giftige Lepper

*download it here*

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  1. thank you
    но трудна привыкнуть к норвежскому языку

  2. Thanks for this one, grabbed me the first listen-through. So cold its positively arctic!

  3. Thank you so much! This is awesome.

  4. […] influence present in the vocals (fans of De Press, The Opposition, Stranger to Stranger, and Dropopop should enjoy this one especially) but the music jumps from moody post-punk and flirts occasionally […]

  5. hello i look any part for a song of dropopop but i don’t know the title because i suppose it’s not the right title in the web in some places they call it giftige lepper but it’s not ,giftige is sweet slow and this song wrongly named is more energic but there’s no way to find more informations on the web ,only 3 songs drommer ,frykt and lepper can someone give me some ways to find more

  6. Anonymous Says:

    i only saw now your reply thanks for it, never too late even 6 years later !

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