Atrocity- Because 7”


For those who prefer something a little more visceral than our last post, here’s a complete 180 for you.  A slice of post-punk bliss from Denmark, a very scarce 7” from 1985 on Hub Records (Kalishnikov). One could point to the Factory Records roster for direct inspiration, as those kind of buzzing synths call Martin Hannett and co. to mind. Very possible that the band name is a nod to Joy Division by way of J.G. Ballard as well.

Little else is known about these guys, but bassist Bjarne Hansen has some scattered production/engineering credits over the years.

Atrocity- Because 7”
1. Because
2. Scene
3. Love Song
4. Part of the Crowd

*download it here*

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  1. White Trash Says:

    Normally I don’t leave reply, but in this case I feel my “heart&soul” in obligation of make it.
    Very good stuff, I like it!!!
    Greets and ++so on!++


  2. White Trash Says:

    Mooning Frankie!!!
    I always in search of this pure rarity: IN SEARCH OF BAUTY – “THE ARISE”
    Could you bring me this dream for me???
    Realise an unsatisfied desire from long time re-searched.
    ++Deepest & Pure thanks, anyway.++


  3. White Trash Says:

    I’ m looking for.: IN SEARCH OF BEAUTY – “THE ARISE”
    Could you satisfy this my request ???
    I’m waiting for this.
    Please send me an answer.
    I open your SoR when I have some hours to spend in this sense(s)
    and I like your blog, is my preferred!!!


  4. I agree, WT!

    For me, this blog gives so much that I really feel that I should at least say thanks.

    Looking forward to hearing The Arise, looks interesting on paper!

  5. Wow Thank YOU

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