Peggy & the Pills- Nobody’s Bride 12”

It’s been a very low energy week here at SOR headquarters, so here’s something that gets my blood flowing a bit more, and hopefully will have the same effect on you.

This is a one off Italo 12” from Peggy & the Pills, recorded and released 1985.   While some Italo records fetch insane prices (some of the highest I’ve ever seen, actually), this one can still be found for a few bucks, and is worth picking up for anyone interested.   While the sound is very much in the Italo disco vein we all know and love, this song also calls the sweet, sugary, and sharp edge of bands like Strawberry Switchblade, Pink and Black, and especially Book of Love to mind.  There’s also some guitar undercurrents throughout the track, little stabs of chorus-infused strings that add an interesting element to the track.  I’m also reminded a bit of Stephin Merrit’s Future Bible Heroes project a bit, the sardonic wit of the lyrics call to mind some of the best moments from Eternal Youth, an album I used to adore (but haven’t thought about since coming across this record).

As with most Italo projects, the creators of this track had their hands in other releases.   Keyboardist Marcello Ciao was also the engineer for an early Litfiba release, while Mario Natale (arrangement) also worked with Den Harrow, Clockwork, and dozens of other Italo artists.

Peggy & the Pills- Nobody’s Bride 12”
1. Nobody’s Bride (Vocal)
2. Nobody’s Bride (Instrumental)

*download it here*

Sadly, Peggy Richardson, the wedding-dress donning diva from this 12”, passed away a few years ago, but drummer Andrea Contini has posted an excellent video honoring her life and the project.  This video appears to be the only “live” recording of Peggy & the Pills, and shows the three piece band backing Peggy in 1984, who swaps out her trademark wedding dress at the halfway mark.   Check it out below:

6 Responses to “Peggy & the Pills- Nobody’s Bride 12””

  1. Just a little bit embarassed by some of our last italian “wave” choices…thatstuff at the time ad still forme was and it’s unbeareable, bad taste underitalodisco…Sorry for the Sincerity (that kills the cat !) Indomito

    • Frankie Teardrop Says:

      It seems like Italo is polarizing. Either you love it or you hate it. While I generally prefer the darker Italian bands (Victrola, Weimar Gesang, etc.), I have a soft spot for this stuff.

  2. Nothing wrong with a bit of light hearted Italo Disco!

    I had not heard this one, so thanks for the heads up Frankie.

    Oh, and I just bought the reissue of Ein-St-Ein – Varsavia thanks to your excellent Spandex & Sequins series.

    You’re quite right, Italo has a great selection of dark tracks as well as the more common pop material.

    I think Italian New Wave is really in vogue right now, I suppose we’ve exhausted all the unknown material from France, Belgium, Scandinavia etc!

    Thanks again Frankie.

  3. michael Brandon Says:

    Every post appreciated!

    sickest blog- evah.

  4. thanks for keeping up the postings. Good music blogs are getting scarcer.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for posting these tunes! Good stuffff!

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