Move- Move K7

Sorry for the huge delay in posting, ladies and gents.  That said, good things come to those who wait, and I have quite a few obscurities to share to make up for my disappearance.  First up we have a previously unheard Move demo tape from 1985, ripped by a good friend in Italy.  This tape precedes the Move out Sight cassette and the self-titled LP by a year and change and features a handful of otherwise unreleased songs from the Move catalog, as well as a few that appear elsewhere over the years.

I believe this tape completes the Move discography, though I also have been sent a live performance from S.P.S.P., which featured some members from Move.  The tracklisting is unknown, but the band also performed a few Move songs in the set.  I don’t generally go for live tapes, but I hope to post that sometime down the line for anyone who’s interested.  In the meantime, here’s the info for this cassette:


Move- Move K7
1. Speeding Speed/Sweet Move
2. Kronstadt
3. Ragazzo Di Strada
4. Re Sole
5. Salto Nel Vuoto
6. When I’m With Myself
7. Lacrime & Sangue
8. Romano
9. F.L.C.T.
10. Lo Scoglio

*download it here*

6 Responses to “Move- Move K7”

  1. Many thanks for rarity !

  2. Great to see you back!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Outstanding ! Thanks too. Stéphane

  4. wow thanks!

  5. It was one of the greatest bands of the ’80 I saw them live and the singer Marcello (or Sicello Blamar as he signed the records) was giving emotions…sadly he passed away in 2012

  6. Shit, I knew him, and I didn’t know about his death… he was a true poet, he wrote not only the textes of Move, but many poems and even a Sci-Fi novel…. Really sad, Ciao Marcello, dicevi sempre di essere di lissu’, e ora che ci sei, spero tu stia finalmente Bene, te lo meriti largamente. Indomito (Gino)

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