Hymn- Coming Home & Too Many Lies K7s

Here’s a generous donation of two rare cassette releases from Hymn, a French coldwave band who released a more well known 12” on Nova Express in 1984.  These two cassettes were recorded shortly before that record, the first of which was self-released in 1983, while the other appeared on Autoproduit a few months before the 12”.  While the band’s trademark Joy Division influence can still be heard here, the instrumentation is more on the minimal synth side of the spectrum, with the classic TR606 providing the backbone to the gloomy, Ian Curtis-esque vocals.  I believe the band was originally a trio, and added a drummer just before recording the 12”.

That said, don’t let the sparse instrumentation and the shorter track length fool you, these tracks are still as cold as ever, and there are just enough guitars in the mix to make things interesting.  Without any further adieu, here’s the info for these two gems:


Hymn- Coming Home K7 (1983)
1. Danger
2. Die For You
3. I Guess
4. I Am The Absolute
5. Shock Of The Dates
6. Comin’ Home
7. Nos Pieds et Nos Têtes


Hymn- Too Many Lies K7 (1984)
1. Never Show Me
2. Too Many Lies
3. I Can
4. Give Me
5. Like In My Dreams
6. Surch Me
7. Hymn
8. Hope I Dream
9. Lost World

*download both tapes here*

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  1. Thanks for what promises to be an interesting listen.

  2. Milord Teum Says:

    thank you so much.have a nice month

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Incredible !!! Very good job Mister F. Stéphane

  4. Thank you!

  5. Someone really needs to start making limited run shirts of some of these logos – so gorgeous LOL… and thanks for the music, really looking forward to it (love the 12″).

  6. Thanks for posting. This is great!

  7. Great post, as usual. You never cease to impress with your collecting abilities. I salute you!

  8. Brilliant post!!
    Is there any chance you might have and post the Flak EP (1980) from the UK on Northern Records?

    Many thanks in advance!


  9. Hi ! Nice of you ! I was Hymn’s creator and singer … Hope you enjoy it et merci beaucoup pour diffuser ! Friendly Bap

  10. Gracias por compartir. Excelente pagina, Gracias…

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