Inox- Segni Dal Fiume 12”

I feel like I’ve had this 12” on my hard drive for ages, but for some reason it never really clicked with me until today.  A shame, as it’s an excellent, catchy piece of Italian new wave that’s well worth hearing.   The opening notes of “Waiting For You” immediately set the tone for a great listen, chock full of heavy drum pads, big guitars, sparkling synth arpeggios, female vocal melodies with just the right blend of joy and sadness, and even a little saxophone to drive the wave home.  They almost come across like Italy’s answer to The Passions, Missing Persons, and Berlin, mixing both post-punk and wave influences seamlessly.

The band hailed from Turin, Italy and self-released this 12” in 1985, following it up with a full length LP in 1986 before disappearing into the ether.  I’d love to hear that one if anyone happens to have a copy…  Otherwise, hope you all enjoy this nice little slice of Italian new wave!

Inox- Segni Dal Fiume 12”
1. Waiting For You
2. Chance
3. Shanghai
4. Energia In Bianco
5. Sexy Play
6. Shanghai Reprise

*download it here*

11 Responses to “Inox- Segni Dal Fiume 12””

  1. I liked this much more than I suspected I would. Thanks for taking it off your hard drive and sharing!


  3. This is excellent. I need to hear the full length ASAP!

  4. erreur_fatale Says:


  5. Hallo Frankie, I’m from Italy.
    I have the I N O X lp, are aware of the fact that you’re looking for, if you want this album, you just let me know, I can send it via MP3 files if you wish.
    Trough e-mail, waiting for your communication about, I greet/salute you cordially!!!


    • Frankie Teardrop Says:

      Hi hi! Was just catching up on old comments on a foggy post-Christmas evening and noticed you left this one here. Do you still have a digital copy of the INOX LP? Of course I’d love to share it! You can get in touch and sling it on over to Thank you, thank you!

  6. Love this one – excellent indeed! Thanks for the discovery.

  7. White#Trash Says:

    Hi Frank, forgive the time span of time, I came back from these comments at a fraction of my time only casually and I had this lucky opportunity.

    Of course MP3 files will be taken from original vinyl in 320Kbps all this material is currently being prepared, and I need sometime to do, in fact, actually, I’m not in possessing the work in question in the vinyl support.

    Then let’s stay tuned…. ….please!

    22/04/2017 Wh#Ts

  8. White#Trash Says:

    ………………surfing between the comments…………..

  9. White#Trash Says:

    I will soon reopen the vinyl of the group in question.

  10. White#Trash Says:

    The above treatment is in effect a CDr.

    Can it be okay as well???

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