The Limp- Marked Man 7”

Here’s an excellent and incredibly rare post-punk 7” from 1981.  The Limp were from Australia and have ties to Scattered Order and Pel Mel, sharing many of the same members including guitarist Craig Robertson and drummer Dave Weston.  Vocalist/saxophonist Judy McGee was also in Pel Mel, splitting vocal duties with Graeme Dunne.  There’s some personnel differences between both Pel Mel and The Limp, but both bands sound very similar, the result of McGee’s moody vocals and otherwise post-punk aesthetics, though The Limp appear to be a little darker and moodier in contrast to Pel Mel’s angular and energetic take.  Both bands have played a handful of shows in 2012 as the Pel Mel Organisation, performing songs by both bands.

This is the Limp’s second 7”, the first being even more difficult to track down, self-released in a run of 100 copies with no picture sleeve.  “Marked Man” appeared on Primate Records, which also released the first Pel Mel 7” in the same year.  Otherwise, a handful of Limp tracks appeared on various compilations, including the One Stop Shopping K7 and the infamous M Squared studio/label compilation A Selection.  “Pony Club” was re-compiled on the excellent Can’t Stop It! compilation, which spans Australia’s fertile post-punk scene from 1979-1982.  The title track (my favorite on this 7”) also appears on the 5th CD-R tribute to Some Bizarre, which as with the Tribute to Flexi-pop bootlegs, is an excellent gateway to many obscure relics.

The Limp- Marked Man 7”
1. Marked Man
2. Ghost Train
3. Humans Beware

*download it here*

6 Responses to “The Limp- Marked Man 7””

  1. thank you!
    my ears are now enjoying those sounds.
    you do incredibly good job by posting so much rare music.

  2. Thanks for this great share!

  3. marked man is a great song, greatly enjoyed the listening. The usual big thanx from argentina.

  4. Nice share! Pel Mel and The Limp along with Swami Binton have been playing shows in Sydney and Newcastle lately. I’ve been making sure I catch them everytime and even got to spin some records at the last gig!

  5. Heavy groovin’ out to these. Thank you!

  6. Pre-order “Rags To Tatters – the best of pel mel” on Bandcamp now. Digital and CD.

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