Mélopée- Mélopée & Lyelle K7s

Two fantastic, rare, and undersung cassettes up on the slab today from Mélopée (translation- threnody), a coldwave band from France. Very little to be found on the net about this band, as both tapes were self-released in very limited numbers. One of the tapes (Lyellle) dates back to 1990, while the self-titled cassette doesn’t have a year attached to it, but is likely around the same time period, give or take a year in either direction. Outside of a handful of compilation appearances, the band also released a CD in 1995, but I haven’t heard it aside from the track that appears on the excellent Beaucoup, compilation alongside Lucie Cries, Ellysgarden, Résistance, Babel 17, and more, to say the least…

Fans of all the aforementioned bands (as well as the slew of Mémoires D’automne tapes from a few years back) will find lots and lots to love here!


Mélopée- Mélopée
1. Le Vide D’Un Cœur Solitaire
2. A L’Aube De La Vie
3. Les Tempes Blanchies
4. Mémorial
5. Ignaledre


Mélopée- Lyellle
1. Petite Vieilles Fanées
2. L’Arbre
3. Lyellle
4. Vision
5. Niomée
6. Procession
7. Inwradness

*download both tapes here*

8 Responses to “Mélopée- Mélopée & Lyelle K7s”

  1. victor hugo Says:

    Thanks ……… Good Music

  2. Fun! Thanks for finding and sharing this rare gem!

  3. Many thanks for these rarities!!!

  4. enjoyed it a lot, so many thanks!

  5. Wow, This band is fantastic!!! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Konrad Arflane Says:

    A very (early) Sad Lovers & Giants sound to them.

    Good stuff!

    Any chance for flac rips of these?

  7. I hope to get surprised by this. thanks a lot

  8. […] Mélopée were a great French cold wave from the 1980s. […]

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