Crashblack Big Orange- Crashblack Big Orange K7

Today’s post is a supplement to Goutroy’s excellent post from 2012. His original post featured the lone full length LP from Chicago based husband and wife duo Crashblack Big Orange, which was a surprisingly excellent late 80s darkwave record in the vein of Intelligence Unit, Stimmen Der Stille, Xmal Deutschland, & Insulin Reaction. I’ve always thought these guys were kind of like a gothier version of X (or even a much less campy version of Rumania-era Nuns).

In his post, Goutroy mentioned that the band released three demo tapes prior to the LP, so this is one of the three missing pieces to the puzzle. This particular demo from 1989 is a single sided, self-titled affair, and features three tracks- two of which are exclusive to this release. The final song appears on the LP as well, and doesn’t seem to be too heavily altered, so it’s hard to tell if they just re-used this version or re-recorded it in exactly the same manner. The two exclusive tracks are exactly what you’d expect if you’re already a fan of the LP. The uninitiated can expect plenty of trashy, distorted deathrock-style guitars, high energy drum patterns, a mix of excellent male and female vox, and plenty of menacing hooks to go around.


Crashblack Big Orange- Crashblack Big Orange K7
1. Voices
2. Nerves
3. Strange Sky

*download it here*

If anyone has a copies of the remaining two demos, feel free to drop a comment or an email! Would love to hear them!

6 Responses to “Crashblack Big Orange- Crashblack Big Orange K7”

  1. Thanks a lot for posting that! That LP is one of my favorite pieces from the while variety of post-punk/goth-rock, very unique!

  2. thanks for sharing!

  3. Many thanks for sharing this rarity, this is one of few blogs of rare goth-wave records remained active

  4. Jesse Oor Says:

    Damn good goth! This band deserves so much more recognition, much like the metric ton of other obscure acts.

  5. I love the track “voices”. Thanks for keeping this music alive

  6. Chris Mitchell Says:

    Great stuff. It’s a shame we can find out what they’re doing now. I bet they have no idea any of us listen.

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