Various Artists- 13 CD & L’Appel de la Muse LP

Here’s a two for Tuesday post- two indispensable French compilations that you may have seen around before over the years, but both of these may serve as upgraded versions of what’s available in the ether.

Let’s start with 13, a near-perfect sampler of the Lively Art roster released in 1990, just as the label was hitting its peak. Just one glance at the artists gives the impression that Lively Art was truly on par with Factory Records, if nowhere near as well known outside of France and Belgium. It’s easy to forget that And Also the Trees had several releases on Lively Art, since they stick out like a sore thumb amidst a slew of French coldwave bands. That said, they certainly share the label’s aesthetic, in many ways a touchstone for La Vague Froide. Otherwise, you have classic tracks by Asylum Party, Museum of Devotion, and arguably Little Nemo’s best song… Not too shabby! The CD version provided here features three additional bonus tracks, to boot- bringing the total number of tracks to…well…….

While 13 is incredibly strong, L’Appel de la Muse is an all-time favorite. Track after track of dark French perfection. This is the first of five comps bearing this title, this series was perfect for showcasing new, underground French post-punk acts, oftentimes broadening their geographical horizons over the years. This first installment was the only release on vinyl, and kicked things off for the Alea Jacta Est in 1989. Alea Jacta Est would go on to release most of Lucie Cries’ discography, as well as Ellysgarden‘s debut release. Meanwhile, there are several repeat offenders across both of these compilations. Little Nemo’s “Alan’s Waiting” appears in re-recorded form here, and this version has never been compiled elsewhere. You also have killer exclusives from Excès Nocturne, Message, and a delightfully bizarre, yet satisfying track from Medikao, just to name a few. All in all, a flawless compilation, and part of a perfect pair. Enjoy!

Various Artists- 13
1. Tribes Are Meeting- Teepee
2. Love or Madness- Asylum Party
3. This Place- Data-Bank-A
4. Lover Pot Pie- Sky Cries Mary
5. Stiff- Numb
6. City Lights- Little Nemo
7. The Party- Mary Goes Round
8. Quimbi Come Home- Museum of Devotion
9, Istante (Live)- Club De Rome
10. Anton’s Mind’s Getting Blind- Collection d’Arnell~Andréa
11. The Subject Animal- Anechoic Chamber
12. (In the) Name of Surival- Circle Confusion
13. Wallpaper Dying- And Also the Trees

Various Artists- L’Appel de la Muse
1. The Muse’s Calling- Lucie Cries
2. Froh- Clair Obscur
3. Les Enfants- L’An III
4. Sex Gore- Medikao
5. Alan’s Waiting (2nd Version)- Little Nemo
6. Dahlia Noir- Excès Nocturne
7. Anastoria- Tuatha De Danann
8. The Nightmare (1st Version)- Mary Goes Round
9. The Grave- Message
10. Dreaming- Asylum Party

*download both here*

13 Responses to “Various Artists- 13 CD & L’Appel de la Muse LP”

  1. 13 is really good. ¿Do you have the video that was released along with the record? It’s something I always wanted to find. I saw it many years ago, perhaps somebody can be of help. Thanx for the comps.

    • Frankie Teardrop Says:

      I wish I did, but I’ve seen a few of these videos floating around, some on the excellent RBV Transfert DVD.

  2. thank you for compilations.

  3. Thanks for these wonderful compilations!

    You noticed that Alea Jacta Est released most of Lucie Cries’ discography (all their albums and maxis, I believe), and indeed Alea Jacta Est was created by Olivier, the bassist and core of Lucie Cries (also main singer, except on this first track The Muse’s Calling).

  4. so thanks to you!!

  5. L’appel de la muse is one of my favourite coldwave albums ever. But i’ve never heard “13”, so thanks for the obligatory recomendation requesting for downloading L’appel ♥

  6. Hello
    any chance you got a v/a from french label V.I.S.A. on the serie: UN PEU – BEAUCOUP – PASSIONEMENT – A LA FOLIE

    and another french band: Im Westen Nichts Neues or IWNN

    always curious to visit your blog for years and happy to find an upgradded version of these two classics
    thank’s and so long

  7. Hi Good Day!

    Please Upload Flac or wav rip version

    very apreciated this ♪

    – Harry Wave

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Simply fantastic! Thank you!

  9. Belle From Washington DC Says:

    Dreaming is one of those tracks from Aslyum Party that will never, ever decay or cease to put me in a state of pure bliss. The bass guitar in this is just magical, dark, mysterious….everything I with French Coldwave could still be even today.

    Merci for all of your posts, hard work and research into such a Gem of a Dying Genre <3.

  10. Clint Catalyst Says:

    Ahh! I’m dying to hear these but when I click the download link, nothing happens. (Yes, I realize this post is several years old — but it doesn’t hurt to try!)

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