Prince of the Blood- Contact High LP

I recently picked this one up on a whim, digging through cheap new wave/post-punk bins in NYC. Once in a while, something just jumps out. This is the second release by Prince of the Blood, released in 1986 On What’s So Funny About.., which boasts German pressings from Einsturzende Neubauten, Executive Slacks, 39 Clocks, Trash Groove Girls, Die Haut, Tommi Stumpff, and more. The band was a German four piece featuring two key members of Poison Dwarfs. Vocalist Ralf-Dieter Dlubatz sings here as well, a detached, cold monotone that suits the music perfectly. As for the sound, we have dry, EBM flavored drum machines pitted against synths and guitars here, for a sound that reminds me quite a bit of Bill Pritchard as well as the late, great Frank Tovey. I love this whole LP from front to back but I’m especially wild about “House of Cards” which really hits a sweet spot between post-punk, coldwave, and heavy-handed synthpop with female backing vocals…

As I mentioned above, this is the second of three releases from this band- if anyone has either the first 12” or second LP, I’d love to hear them!

Prince of the Blood- Contact High
1. Risin’
2. House of Cards
3. Golden Age
4. O.D.
5. Dead Barracks
6. Don’t Stay
7. Single Combat
8. Sunday Morning
9. The Station

*download it here*

8 Responses to “Prince of the Blood- Contact High LP”

  1. Thank you.

  2. NĂ­ce! something new to listen to today! Thamks ,my friend. always apprecciated. cheers from argentina

  3. Funny, i recently bought this one together wit the “smalleville” 7″ by Bazooka Joe, both being massive club hits espec.”risin” by POTB.

  4. […] You can find Contact High at the excellent Systems Of Romance blog here […]

  5. Christoph Says:

    Few weeks ago a song came to my mind – from the 80s. A song I listened to very often.
    It had the lines “It’s always the same — it’s always the first time”.
    It took me two weeks of thinking to find out it was Sunday Morning by POTB.
    Thanks for the mp3s …..

  6. I can’t find the album Prince Of The Blood – Portsmouth 1987 anywhere. Maybe someone knows where to listen to it

  7. Saw them at the Batschkapp in Frankfurt, when this album was released. I think they were opening for Love and Rockets or Wall of Voodoo, but I can’t remember. They were great and I really like this album a lot. The use of an electrified and Effects-pedaled violin really helps make the dark etherial mood.

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