Marty Flynn- Glass Lady 7”

By popular request, and with love from Nick at Crispy Nuggets (who hunted this one down, dropped the needle, and passed it over for a quick cleanup), we have a new and updated rip of the elusive Glass Lady 7” by UK based musician and producer Marty Flynn. This track was one of the highlights of the previous SOR comps, even at 128kbps, and I’ve been dying to share it in full high quality, even if the flip is a six minute spaced-out dub mix that pales in comparison to the gloriously Italo-esque, sleazy mid-tempo synth jam that adorns the A-side. Just take a look at the cover- you know right away what you’re in for, and it delivers, in spades.

Like the amazing Tocatta 7” (re-ripped recently for those who don’t follow SOR on Facebook), Nick and I first heard this track in the back of Sean/Martial Canterel’s car, played off a well-loved cassette sent by a fellow friend and collector. We’ve been obsessed with both tracks since and have spent years tracking these singles down. All things in due time, I suppose!

As for the details, there’s very little out there to report. According to the sleeve, Glass Lady was the working name for Marty Flynn, based in the UK. The record was made in Jersey and released in 1985, most likely in extremely limited quantities. Happy hunting and happy new year. y’all!

Marty Flynn- Glass Lady 7”
1. Glass Lady
2. Glass Lady (Dub)

*download it here*

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  1. Thank you! Speaking of compilations, you included a Lyon in winter song in there at some point. Did you want the album?

  2. Thank you! Precious song.

  3. Hi there, still can’t believe it that someone remembers this little record I made. It’s ironic I don’t have a copy of myself since we released it in very limited number, can’t recall how many though.


    • Hi Marty, did you release any other records we don’t know about?

      • Marty Flynn ( Glass Lady ) Says:

        Hi Daniel,thanks for the message.Sorry about being slow in responding but had lost link to this site.Yes there were more recording done in this style about ten comes to mind.I am not sure where the masters are at present.The track Glass Lady was part of an album of songs that I had written at that time.I am on seeing this thread thinking on having a go at rerecording those tracks with the original instrumentation and style.If you get this message then feel free to get in touch.Marty

        • Frankie Teardrop Says:

          Hey Marty- thanks for chiming in with us! Lots of folks adore this song. Shame about those masters! I’d still be down to hear any re-recordings you may be inspired to make, so feel free to keep us posted if you ever get around to it! <3

    • Hello Marty,

      I love this song of yours ! Absolute classic!

      I run a french label called Waving Hands Records ( and I would love to work with you !

      Could you please contact me ( if you are interested? I hope to read you soon!

      All the best,


    • Hey Marty, how you doing ? Remember me doing the drums on the live performance of this track. Fun days, I still have the video somewhere.

    • Hi Marty I have recently put this record on Discogs, it has been signed by you ?? Can you confirm this is your signature
      Thank you

      • Hi Pete … If i could see a photo of my signature then i could indeed verified that it is my signing.. I am sure to have signed some copies of the track .. I would gladly help if i can … Marty

  4. Hello Frankie! Is there any chance of getting Future Neighbors’ Flesh of Love? Can’t find it anywhere. Thank you very much.

  5. Love your blog. Please post more regularly. So many gems !

  6. thanks man, waiting for your next gem…

  7. chAMPIRE Says:

    Hey Marty – Do you have anything more music that one might not know about? I adore this track!

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