Scatterbrains- Musical Marriage

Here’s a short 12” from the Netherlands that I’ve been dying to hear in full for some time. Some folks may recall hearing “Silly Earth”- a bleak minimal synth standout, on a previous SOR mix, but a full rip of this otherwise pricey 12” has been hard to come by. Those expecting to hear more in the lines of “Silly Earth” may be a bit disappointed by this record’s more kraut/avant-garde feel, but fans of the more raw and experimental side of the spectrum (including bands such as Vita Noctis and Fall of Saigon) should adore this one on all levels.

Wish I could tell you more about this one, but there’s not much to report. I’ll let the music speak for itself…

Scatterbrains- Musical Marriage
1. Song For
2. Musical Marriage
3. Lopen
4. Mij-Konos
5. Silly Earth
6. Scatterbrains
7. Fragma
8. Vanerm

*download it here*

8 Responses to “Scatterbrains- Musical Marriage”

  1. Thanks a lot for this! I was curious what other songs might sound like, since I heard “Silly Earth” (what a great song, by the way..). Now I’ve got a chance o hear it!

  2. Tymexpyres Says:

    Been waiting for this one to come up a long tyme.Thnx!

  3. tasty stuff, chapeau!

  4. silly earth Says:

    since 2006 i’m searching for this gold!
    “got my hand” on on a NM copy at 3 years ago, the item was priced 90 euro! after i “placed order” the seller deleted the item and said it’s a keep for some other dude buyer,one week later he put it back for sale for 300 euro!! so big big TNX!

  5. berlinerkindl82 Says:

    i´ve got it. maybe someone who want to buy ? search at discogs.

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