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Bunny & The Lakers- Numbers LP

Posted in 1970s, 1979, bunny & the lakers, canadian, experimental, krautrock, minimal, minimal synth on October 12, 2017 by Frankie Teardrop

Here’s one I’ve seen shared in snippets across many different blogs, but I’m not sure if it’s ever been shared in full. Perhaps on some long, distant, since purged blog. I’ve had this kicking around on my shelves for a while now, rescued from a NYC shop otherwise known for techno, house, and hip hop (you never know!), but I was recently encouraged to take it down and re-rip it, and I’m glad I did, because it’s quickly jumped up the ranks as a autumnal favorite. Besides, the digital copy I DO have has the track names reversed, so this one is worth another look however you want to dice it.

Bunny & the Lakers performed only once, and self-released this album on LP and cassette in 1979. Only 500 records are known to exist, each of them hand-numbered. There are QUITE a few sounds explored over the course of this LP, including the krautrock dirges of Faust, pummeling experimental electronics a la Throbbing Gristle, icy piano and synth workouts  by way of Telekon, quirky synth punk sounds similarly explored by  Tone Set, and even a skittery no wave hybrid thrown in for good measure.

The album is wildly experimental and may not be to everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s definitely lots to love here. I especially love the bleak “Weekend Guests,” which features female vocals, primitive electronics, and more gorgeous stream-of consciousness piano ramblings. Closing track “Dolphin Bay” is gorgeous as well… Many of the tracks blend into each other, so I’ve tried my best to separate them. Side B is a bit more structured, but I’m a little unsure where one track ends and the next begins on side A.

Bunny & The Lakers- Numbers LP
1. Inhalation / Ventalation
2. Cops On Parade
3. Yalps From The Alps/Shrieks From The Peeks
4. Maid In Sweeden/Batlore
5. In Terms Of Germs
6. TB Farm (Kiss Me Now)
7. S.O.S.
8. Weekend Guests
9. Sandy
10. Dolphin Bay

*download it here*

Scatterbrains- Musical Marriage

Posted in 12'', 1980s, 1983, krautrock, minimal, minimal synth, netherlands, new wave, scatterbrains on April 12, 2016 by Frankie Teardrop

Here’s a short 12” from the Netherlands that I’ve been dying to hear in full for some time. Some folks may recall hearing “Silly Earth”- a bleak minimal synth standout, on a previous SOR mix, but a full rip of this otherwise pricey 12” has been hard to come by. Those expecting to hear more in the lines of “Silly Earth” may be a bit disappointed by this record’s more kraut/avant-garde feel, but fans of the more raw and experimental side of the spectrum (including bands such as Vita Noctis and Fall of Saigon) should adore this one on all levels.

Wish I could tell you more about this one, but there’s not much to report. I’ll let the music speak for itself…

Scatterbrains- Musical Marriage
1. Song For
2. Musical Marriage
3. Lopen
4. Mij-Konos
5. Silly Earth
6. Scatterbrains
7. Fragma
8. Vanerm

*download it here*

Turo- Agent Orange LP

Posted in 1980s, 1982, german, krautrock, matthias thurow, minimal synth, NDW, prog, turo on June 20, 2011 by Frankie Teardrop

Up on the slab we have the lone LP from Turo, a krautrock/NDW release that should be right at home for fans of the more oddball minimal synth sound. This particular LP hails from 1982 and was the brainchild of Matthias Thurow, who also operated under the pseudonym “Tales of Mr. E.” This LP was predated by a 1980 release on the same label (Biber Records) under the name Turo’s Tutti, but that’s not all. Thurow’s career dates back to the 1970s, as a member of Eulenspygel, a German prog band with a handful of releases under their belt.

Fans of P!off?, Neuland, and Silvia should find lots to love here. Some really strange, moody, and wonderful stuff on this LP, counterbalanced with a few repetitive dance-oriented pieces and straight up pop tunes. There’s even a song on here that reminds me of I’m Your Man-era Leonard Cohen, and that’s pretty darn cool!

Needless to say, it’s very difficult to put your finger on this one, but it’s definitely worth a listen or two or three. Enjoy!

Turo- Agent Orange LP
1. Agent Orange
2. Ich Will Hier Raus
3. Unterwegs
4. Es Ist Soweit
5. Bei Mir
6. Lang Hin
7. Was Denkst Du Denn Wer Du Bist
8. Komm Wir Gehn Hier Weg
9. Hey Du
10. Brüderchen Und Schwesterchen

*download it here*


While I have your attention, might I direct you all here, as well? For fans of the French coldwave sound, I’ve been active in a band called Dream Affair (yep, named after this 12”). Our debut LP is currently available in digital formats and will be out on vinyl via AVANT records on June 27th. Exclusive tune here!

Sorry for the shameless promotion, but I promise to make up for it with lots and lots of goodies to come over the next few weeks. Please, mr. postman…