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As the wind picks up and the sun sets earlier, I find myself clutching my post-punk records close to the chest. What better time than to post the full 7” discography by US goth/post-punk band Razor Penguins. Though they sound inspired by both the UK scene as well as the budding LA “desert-goth” scene at the time, the band hailed from Columbus, Ohio.

These two releases appeared with a five year gap in between, quite a long time to wait for a follow up… The first 7” is incredible, both tracks gloomy and incisive as ever. “Paris” sounds right at home with Lung Overcoat, another US band with a similarly UK-inspired sound. The flip is far gloomier, with a nasty churning guitar working its way throughout much of the backing track. The second 7” is a bit more of an instrumental affair, though their style hadn’t changed much in five years. The title track has a bit of spoken word vibe throughout, while the second song is a straight instrumental, akin to the likes of the recent Savage Republic reissues which stripped their otherwise classic material of vocals.

I’ve also included a demo tape that’s been floating around the web elsewhere, in case you may have missed it on other blogs… I can’t take credit for the cassette rip, which is extremely murky and is very likely a transcode, but in case you want more Razor Penguins, this cassette features seven unfamiliar songs that may have been slated for a full length record. The only track that appears in duplicate here is “The Math Professor,” which may explain the single’s otherwise demo-esque vibe… I don’t have a year on the cassette, but I reckon it was recorded between 81 and 85…

Razor Penguins- Paris 7” (1981)
1. Paris
2. Indifference

Razor Penguins- Demo K7 (???)
1. The Math Professor
2. Less
3. Tides and the Moon
4. Untitled 1
5. At All
6. Exchanges
7. No Expectations
8. Untitled II

Razor Penguins- The Math Professor 7” (1985)
1. The Math Professor
2. August

*download all three here*

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  1. Many thanks for all these awesome Vinyls,and Happy Halloween, my friend 🙂

  2. Many thanks for all these treasures and Happy Halloween 😉

  3. a very nice sound, i really like ‘the math proffesor’, thanks!

  4. Awesome ! That demo cassette is excellent !

    Razor Penguins also have a track on the cassette compilation.

    Nowhere ’81 : Live in Columbus


    • I’m the fool responsible for that Nowhere tape. I hear original copies fetch big $$$ if you can find one. Thank the gods for downloading so I have my own copy.

      • marc Berger Says:

        What was the track called on the Nowhere tape…was it just a single track recorded live? Soundboard or audience recorded? I think there were more demos the band did – plus think when they opened up for Section 25 in the states their show may have been recorded by Jon Hirst (sound guy from Factory era). Be great to locate that….

  5. I wish to buy a copy of this celibates album and cd….i went the Continental every chance i could….
    Let me know if it u s available….thanks

  6. I remember those guys as part of the Columbus “Scene” in the early 80’s. They were younger than most of us and hailed from one of the posh suburbs. Nice to see they are still remembered. They were one of the first local bands to play in the cable access show.

  7. Ixca Cienfuegos Says:

    Thank you so much for posting these!

  8. Ausgezeichnet!
    Great sound & great work to upload these hard to find gems…

    Herzlichen Dank,

  9. Does anyone know the line up for any of these recordings?

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