Jyl- Jyl LP


Here’s one I’m sure you’ve all heard before but is due for a fresh rip at 320 for all you audiophiles out there! After years of playing most of these tracks out at the Wierd Party alongside some of my fellow DJs, I finally shelled out for my very own copy of this rare minimal/synthpop masterpiece from 1984. For those who don’t know it already, every track here is an absolute winner, hard-hitting, sexually charged, slinky synthpop just the way I like it. Not that I need to sell you on this any further, but for those who are unfamiliar, think Soma Holiday, Hard Corps, Propaganda, Six Sed Red, Silvia, etc.

Lots of great hands on this one from across the ocean. Fronted by Jyl Porch (pronounced Jill, naturally) from the US, this project featured additional lyrical and vocal contributions from fellow synthpop oddball Angela Werner, as well as electronics by Angela’s husband Ingo. Rounded out by Christoph Haberer on electronic percussion, this record also features impeccably glossy production from the legendary Klaus Schulze of Tangerine Dream/Ash Ra Temple. Plenty of other folks lent guitar and backing vocal contributions to the LP, so check here for the full list.

Assuming you haven’t already skipped straight to the download link, here’s the rundown:

Jyl- Jyl LP
1. Mechanic Ballerina
2. Universe
3. Computer Love
4. Positions
5. Dance and Death
6. The Computer Generation
7. Animation
8. Silicon Valley
9. Electric Lady
10. I’m a Machine

*DOWNLOAD LINK REMOVED- pre-order a re-issue of this LP via Minimal Wave*

Can’t remember the last time we had a video up in here, so please enjoy this excellent (if but unembeddable) promo clip for “Mechanic Ballerina,” featuring lots of pectorals and body paint:


6 Responses to “Jyl- Jyl LP”

  1. Many thanks for this one:Have a nice rest of September

  2. a true rarity, thanks for passing it.

  3. middle aged man Says:

    I’d never heard of this before, it is awesome, thank you for posting

  4. Many thanks for this rarity! Dance and death is now my mobile phone alarm clock 🙂

  5. This is simply amazing. As is a /lot/ of the music you have posted over the years – your efforts are very much appreciated. Every time you transfer music from fragile analog media to digital format and send it on its way, you change history – only a little, but for all time.

  6. deadmuse Says:

    I had never heard of this before. It’s incredible. Thank you for posting it and in high quality at that.

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