Superdude- Face the Music 7”

Apologies in advance for being sparse this summer and completely missing my official ten year anniversary! With that in mind, I’d love to offer up a few posts today, starting with an excellent slice of minimal synthpop- extremely rare and incredibly catchy- just the way you all love it.

Superdude was a pseudonym for NYC-based musician John Pergamo, who wrote the track with his brother Anthony. It was released in 1983 on Ace Records, which looks to be Pergamo’s own imprint, judging from the various latter-day Superdude releases that appeared. This is Superdude’s only release in the 80s, though it looks like he kept the synthpop feel for some of his later releases, though I haven’t heard them to confirm.

That said, please enjoy this little slice of electro-pop heaven, backed with an instrumental cut of the track!

Superdude- Face the Music 7”
1. Face the Music (Vocal)
2. Face the Music (Sound Track)

*download it here*

3 Responses to “Superdude- Face the Music 7””

  1. This is so gooood!!!
    Thank you sooo much for this!!!
    And happy ten year anniversary!!!:-)

  2. John Pergamo released another 7″ in 1982.


    • Stephen, I think in your next comment, you’d be bragging that you’re only person on the earth that has the other 7″ single. LOL

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