Various Artists- Woke Up Smiling & Kindred Spirits CDs

For the last post of the year, I’d love to share two excellent CD-only collections of exclusive dream pop, ethereal, and shoegaze tracks from Bedazzled, released in 1994 and 1995, respectfully. I can’t help but get nostalgic during this time of year, and listening to these comps make me miss Bedazzled and the centralized US/Canadian dream pop scene that thrived in the late 80s and early 90s.

With that in mind, these compilations showcase the majority of the acts on the label, and include rare or otherwise exclusive tracks across the board. Most notable are repeat SOR-offenders An April March, as well as tracks from Mistle Thrush, Viola Peacock, Underflowers, The Curtain Society, Ultracherry Violet, This Ascension, and of course, Monica Richard’s pre-Faith and the Muse project Strange Boutique. Kindred Spirits extends a little further past the immediate Bedazzled family and includes tracks from Switchblade Symphony, Purple Ivy Shadows, and extremely underrated band The Garden, who are worth price of admission alone.

Of course, let’s get to the listening! Thanks for an excellent year, y’all!

Various Artists- Kindred Spirits CD (1994)
1. This Charm- Strange Boutique
2. Clown- Switchblade Symphony
3. Adrenaline- The Curtain Society
4. Pontus- Siddal
5. Falling in Love- Ultracherry Violet
6. Whispers- Mistle Thrush
7. Pocketful (Remix)- Big Hat
8. As I Hit the Floor- Twelve Tone Failure
9. Shave Your Head- Viola Peacock
10. Blackwell Road- Opium Den
11. Admire- This Ascension
12. Blithe Spirit- The Garden
13. Carry Nation for the First Time- Purple Ivy Shadows

Various Artists- Woke Up Smiling CD (1995)
1. She Is A Flower- Mistle Thrush
2. Cradle- The Curtain Society
3. In The Lonely Trees- Strange Boutique
4. Sense Of Skin- Where I Wake Warm
5. An Angel A Week- Viola Peacock
6. In Galleons Lap- Feast Of Saints
7. As Far As Forever- Johanna’s House Of Glamour
8. Shindo- Chainsuck
9. Wayve- Ultracherry Violet
10. Halo- Blueshift Signal
11. A Glendale Melody- Siddal
12. Delirium- An April March
13. Psalm To The Sun- Underflowers
14. Falling- Lanterna

*download both here*

8 Responses to “Various Artists- Woke Up Smiling & Kindred Spirits CDs”

  1. No, thank YOU for another year of excellent music. One of my favorite blogs to hit every morning. Have a great holiday!

  2. Daniel darrow Says:

    Hi thanks for this post. I was in johannas house of glamour. Now doing a project the pull of autumn with members of fashion , johannas house of glamour,throwing muses ,spindle shanks. Cover painting by James Johnston of PJ Harvey/nick cave. Thanks again for posting these great albums that I was lucky to be a part of.

    • Hi Dan, just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciated Johanna’s House of Glamour. First heard you guys on one of the Dr. Death comps, proceeded to collect as much as I could find (including a couple 7″ singles). Only proper album I had on CD format was Style Monsters, but man I looooved that disc. Used to listen to it constantly, was very special music for me (in memory, that album and Aphex Twin ‘Selected Ambient Vol 2’ were on contestant repeat). Thanks for the good music, and I will check out your new project asap.

  3. An interesting listen – thank you

  4. Daniel darrow Says:

    Thanks. I’m working on the new pull of autumn album with Bruce from johannas house ( great Moby Grape cover) fred from throwing Muses , Gary from dif juz ,members of boyracer, hood , seasurfer and more. Hope to have it out soon. Thanks so much for listening to the music. Greatly appreciated.

  5. An April March’s “Delirium” is a ethereal mastepiece.

  6. Iolite Says:

    Thank you so much for what you’re doing.

    “A Glendale Melody” must be the best song by Siddal!

  7. R i c h y Says:

    Feast of Saints singer Ashen Keilyn originally formed band in and around Saginaw, Michigan, appearing on local cable show Take No Prisoners there (entire episode on YouTube); later formed alt-rock indie band Scout, who appeared in an episode of The Sopranos as “The Florida Relatives” and also performed on NBC’s Conan show (before he switched over to TBS)…I was at that taping.
    She’s done a few solos, appearing with other NYC local artists, been pals with drummer Nigel Rawles (FoS, Scout, Rawles Balls, now w.Sputnik and current gal-pal Genie Morrow)…google her.

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