Tableau Noir- Correspondances LP

Happy new year, everyone!

I’d like to kick off 2019 with a record that just arrived in my mailbox just yesterday. This LP is a curious French obscurity from 1986, centered around the works of Charles Baudelaire. Each song on this LP pulls the title, lyrics, and inspiration from Baudelaire’s classic Les Fleurs Du Mal. The music is set to a minimal backdrop; cold synths, dry drum machines, angular guitars, and a mix of both male and female vocals across the board, often sung and sometimes spoken. It’s not as dark as you might suspect, given the subject matter, but there’s definitely plenty to love here, especially for fans of bands like Marquis De Sade, early Martin Dupont, Taxi Girl, etc. I’m especially fond of “Sed Non Satiata,” which I could easily imagine hearing in a club setting.

Since there isn’t too much more to tell about this LP, let’s jump straight to the details. Enjoy!

Tableau Noir- Correspondances LP
1. Correspondances
2. Le Voyage
3. Le Reniement de St Pierre
4. Lesbos
5. L’Albatros
6. Sed Non Satiata
7. La Mort des Amants
8. Le Serpent Qui Danse
9. Les Bijoux

*download it here*

5 Responses to “Tableau Noir- Correspondances LP”

  1. Sorry, rewritten: Really an odd and extrarare gem, never saw before in all my life, and I live in France..Thanx a Lot !!! Indomito.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Appreciate the great music you’ve posted over the years sir.You are just about the last one holding the torch.~Tymexpyres

  3. Thank you. It’s amazing.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    merci beaucoup

  5. Really nice to feature this awesome french Band. Being french as well, I can’t recommand them enough!

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