Fotoscura- Fotoscura LP

I’ve always enjoyed this dreamy Italian post-punk record from 1988, and I thought y’all might, too. This is the lone LP from Fotoscura, a five-piece who were from Rome. The sounds are a mix of ethereal, melodic passages and melancholy post-punk, definitely recommended for fans of The Cure, The Essence, Lowlife and so on. I love every track on this record, some of my favorite kinds of sounds this side of the spectrum. Angel Records, the band’s label, also released a handful of neoclassical recordings as well as some Edge of the Water material. I’m also quite fond of the Selena Moor record, but I’m also a sucker for a good ethereal sound…Maybe I’ll post that one in the near future.

As for Fotoscura, there’s also a demo tape that fetches quite a pretty penny, but I haven’t heard it, sadly. Rumor has it there will be a reissue of some sorts coming, so stay tuned here (or better yet, over at the band’s Facebook page) for more details.

Fotoscura- Fotoscura LP

1. Guerra Senza Nome
2. …Nel Buio
3. Fotoscura
4. Cavaliere Del Nulla
5. 1991
6. Volo

*download it here*

5 Responses to “Fotoscura- Fotoscura LP”

  1. i downloaded this, looking forward to putting this on my 1988 playlist.

    Just curious, are you compiling notes together placing the highs and lows of the music subgenres discussed on this blog?

  2. Specially liked the “Fotoscura ” track. Great guitar.
    It´s the sound of those times no doubt.
    Thanks again, Frankie!! Hope you’re ok.

  3. a little present to thank you once more-
    Argentinian synth pop

  4. Massimo Vincenzi Says:

    Hello guys, I’m Massimo frontman of Fotoscura. I’m happy to know you haven’t forgotten us and thank you for your passion.
    Fotoscura forever ✌️

    • Frankie Teardrop Says:

      Hi Massimo – thanks for the comment. Love the band! Any word on that demo tape being released? Please let us know! Would love to hear it!

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