Ultime Possibilité- Ultime Possibilité K7 & Compilation Tracks

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Gérald Page, rhythm guitarist of French post-punk/coldwave band Ultime Possibilité during a brief birthday visit to NYC. He was kind enough to pass along a copy of the band’s first cassette, self-released in 1986, two years before their excellent 7”. I also have his blessing to share the recording here with you all. You can expect the same powerful, yet-catchy sounds throughout this tape, including an earlier version of b-side “No More Lies.” The rest of the tracks are unheard, exclusive to this release, and as incredible as the single that follows.

As a bonus, I’m also including two additional tracks the band recorded, both released on cassette compilations in 1987 and 1988 respectively.

Hope y’all enjoy!

Ultime Possibilité- Ultime Possibilité K7
1. Would You Smile
2. Sea of Faces
3. No More Lies
4. La Chambre Vide
5. Gardian Angel
6. Pensees Nocturnes

Compilation tracks:
1. Coute Que Coute (from The Unknown 4 – 1987)
1. What Was Your Mission (from The Unknown 4 – 1987)
2. Coute Que Coute (alternate recording, from Orcades Machinales Volume 1 – 1988)

*download it all here*

Also, please enjoy this amazing TV appearance of the band performing the fiery “Coute Que Coute” on the ZAP program:

Much love to Gérald for his generosity and for all the music! <3

4 Responses to “Ultime Possibilité- Ultime Possibilité K7 & Compilation Tracks”

  1. greenny Says:

    Thank you so much for these priceless gems!
    Moreover, they were obtained from the hands of the musicians themselves, double honor

  2. Indomito Says:

    Franchemet, Merci .Indomito.

  3. Really enjoyed this. Thanks dear Frankie

  4. Vincent Says:

    Thank you very much ! I came across lots of old french groups I listened in my youth. Could you post the Orcades Machinales compilations ? I had them but they were lost in time.

    Anyway, thanks again

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