Eye Do It- I Lost My Mind 7”

A quick and dirty post today – the lone 7” from UK post-punk/new wave flavored band Eye Do It, who seem to have had a penchant for hieroglyphics judging from the record sleeve. This 7” was released in 1984 via N.R.O. Records, who also released a compilation titled A Night at the Flicks which features the third and final Eye Do It track (which I do not own and have not heard, but would love to if anyone has a copy of this compilation, which also features indie pop band Mighty Mighty).

Touchstones for this single include bands like Ex Post Facto, Repetition, Last Man In Europe, Pink Military, I’m So Hollow etc. I really dig both tracks here, and hope you do as well!

Eye Do It – I Lost My Mind 7”
1. I Lost My Mind
2. Hold Back

*download it here*

Quick housekeeping note – I’ve been receiving a few comments lately, some nice and others unnecessarily hostile (cut the crap), regarding downloads not working. They do, still, for every post that has a download link. If clicking the link does not work to download directly, try the classic right click – save link as trick. Thanks!

8 Responses to “Eye Do It- I Lost My Mind 7””

  1. Quick follower note
    the only (and always the same) comment i will leave is thank you very much for your blog that i visit for years and all the 80’s jewels i discovered in and that had slipped under the radars
    regards from paris france antoine

  2. Like Antoine, the only comment you’ll ever see from me is a “Thank you”. Everything you share is fantastic and your efforts are always appreciated, please don’t give rude/hostile people the time of day, they’re not worth it.

    Thank you!

  3. Great to see a new post, dear Frankie.
    Looking forward to listen to it.
    There are always assholes out there, unthankul losers.
    I add my thanks to the lot.

  4. philippe Poirier Says:

    This blog is fantastic.
    Thanks so much from France. With you i have the pleasure discovering unknown bands from the 80’s.
    Don’t loose your time with some people which are always unhappy.
    I hope you understand my words (i know that my english language is not perfect).
    Thanks so much again

  5. littleplasticthings Says:

    Echoing the sentiments of my fellow commenters. I found your blog in 2009 and you’ve contributed so much to my music collection, as well as to my knowledge of these genres we love. Your blog is a true treasure, and the work you’ve put into it is sincerely appreciated. Thank you!

  6. Silly name, great record! Thanks for posting, along with all the other good stuff. And screw the haters. Some people need to be ignored.

  7. Dese hace años que vengo siguiendo tu blog y también estoy muy agradecido por el material discográfico que compartes .
    Saludos y un abrazo fuerte desde Lima, Perú.

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