Opéra De Nuit- Full discography

This one is for Curious Guy over at Phoenix Hairpins… Opéra De Nuit (Opera of the Night) are another classic French coldwave act whose discography consists of one self-titled LP and two 12” singles, all of which I’ve uploaded for your perusal.

The four piece outfit formed in Valréas, France in 1982 and disbanded soon after releasing their seminal s/t record in 1988, enjoying a fair amount of hometown success in the meanwhile. The track “Ami-Amant” (featuring haunting female vocal contributions and driving synth/bass grooves) became a dance floor staple and has been included on the Transmission 81-89:The French Cold Wave compilation that Infrastition put out in 2005, responsible for many a Coldwave band’s second coming.


Opéra De Nuit are:
Erik Adrien (guitar, synths)
Jean-François Chaleyssin (bass)
Franck Adrien (drums, synths)
Richard Fekkar (synths)

Amour Noir 12” (1984)
1. Amour Noir
2. Karen Lloyd
3. Hors du Temps

Sourire de l’Ombre 12” (1986)
1. Sourire de l’Ombre
2. Ami-Amant
3. Invitation
3. Possession

Opéra De Nuit LP (1988)
1. Boris Transylvania Camp
2. L’appel du Froid
3. Larmes de Sang
4. Annabella
5. Invitation
5. Jeu Damné
6. Rebelle-Rebelle
7. Ami-Amant

*download it here*

There seems to be an official myspace page up, so if your French is up to snuff, drop a note!
Opéra De Nuit on myspace

10 Responses to “Opéra De Nuit- Full discography”

  1. Curious Guy Says:

    Thanks Frankie! Gonna listen to this immediately. From first listen this sounds quite poppy.

  2. Angge Le Bon Says:

    Thank you so much!

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  4. Nice to refresh my old copy tape, and even nicer to discover these wonderful 12″ !
    Thanks a lot.

  5. Frankie Teardrop Says:

    hang tight- Down! I got a new copy of the Sourire De L’Ombre 12” and am going to make a new post soon to update this!

    • I thought that your 12″ files sounded rather good, but I’ve just tried to rip an old tape of mine… and now I can tell: your 12″ files sound quality is pretty good!

      Keep up the good job, and don’t ever be ashamed of a few clicks and pops 😉

  6. Frankie Teardrop Says:

    thanks for the kind words! as someone who sweats and strives for a good quality rip these days, means a lot!

  7. Christopher Says:

    Thank you for uploading this. Opéra has beome one of my favourite bands. I even tracked down the original album and paid a fortune for it. Keep up the great work.

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  9. Starlight Says:

    So glad you posted this! Thanks for keeping bands like this alive and accessible to overseas fans!!

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