Fiat Lux- Commercial Breakdown VHS

I’m pleased to offer this generous donation, a complete (audio only) Fiat Lux concert stripped lovingly from a VHS cassette and passed my way just a few days back. Entitled Commercial Breakdown, the show dates back to 1985, featuring a nine song set, with the studio version of “Secrets” being played both before and after, in video form.

The entire show is viewable in three parts on youtube, by searching for “Fiat Lux- Commercial Breakdown,” but for those interested in the audio, here’s the breakdown:

Fiat Lux- Commercial Breakdown VHS
1. Intro
2. Secrets (Video)
3. Blue Emotion
4. Photography
5. No More Proud
6. Sleepless Nightmare
7. The Moment
8. Comfortable Life
9. Embers
10. Splurge
11. House of Thorns
12. Secrets (Reprise)

*download it here*

Thanks to Craig for the donation! Otherwise, stay tuned today for another post to follow.

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