B-Movie- Nowhere Girl 12”

Just ripped this one up this morning for a chum and figured I’d post it here for you folks to enjoy as well. I’ve already covered B-Movie in the past, but that particular record doesn’t hold much of a candle to most of their earlier single work, even though both tracks on this particular 12” appear in re-recorded form on Forever Running. In fact, the two featured tracks have been re-recorded countless times, and I’ve lost track of just how many versions of these two songs exist. Fortunately, they’re both fantastic slices of synth-based post-punk.

This particular single has also been re-released several times over, via original label Some Bizzare and various other labels since its original appearance in 1980. This particular one was issued on Sire in 1982, but my copy still boasts the Some Bizzare logo. Curious. Anyway, without any further ado, here’s the information.

B-Movie- Nowhere Girl 12” (1982, Sire/Some Bizzare)
1. Nowhere Girl (Version)
2. Remembrance Day
3. Nowhere Girl (Short Version)

*download it here* (RE-RIPPED 1.14.14)

I may have the previous versions of the single (most with exclusive b-sides and alternate versions) kicking around in digital form, for any interested parties.

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  1. ALTCERF Says:

    Thank you

  2. ALTCERF Says:

    Just listened to this and I’m Really it..Can you post the previos versions please? Thanks very much again

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I saw a phantom post in my RSS that seems to be gone, but let me address it.

    Don’t pack it in. But maybe move off Blogger to your own hosted setup. It’s not that much more difficult to do.

    It is a real service to the music and artists to post tracks people cannot otherwise find. If specific artists object then they needn’t share in the buzz. Their loss really, since people will never hear what they do.

  5. frankie teardrop Says:

    ALTCERF: i tried my best to compile a complete discography from the various reissues and rips that are floating around. not too sure it’s 100% accurate, as i’m missing a single or two from their middle period/LP release. meanwhile, reissues feature slightly tweaked mixes of older tracks, so it gets a bit confusing as far as this band is concerned.

    once i track down the proper LPs and 7/12 inches, i’ll rip them definitively. consider it a mission!

    anon: see newest post for more. i will keep the doors open here so long as there isn’t a wave of takedowns to follow the one. just ruffled my feathers a bit yesterday…

    • I have the 12″ 45rpm version of Bâ–ªMovie – Nowhere Girl. A. Nowhere Girl (version) B. Remembrance Day Nowhere Girl (short version). Played 1 time.
      1982 some bizzare. It also says
      Marketed by Jem Records, Inc.
      PVC 4903
      James Byrd

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Fantastic song I have the originally Some Bizzare 7" & 12" versions.

    I hope you dont mind me posting my link for Remembrance Days – The Dead Good Years http://www.discogs.com/B-Movie-Remembrance-Days-The-Dead-Good-Years/release/629125


    European Son

  7. majormike Says:

    thank you i lost my entire mp3 collection and miss B-MOVIE the most

  8. Kublecito Says:

    I got this vinyl for 99 cents, and it's just awesome, I could listen to it countless times over and over.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Sire distributed Some Bizarre in US.

  10. I would love to hear the other B-Movie singles if that is an option. Great site.

  11. You rock for making this available–can't find this beautiful long version on iTunes or Amazon.

  12. 80sFANatic Says:

    Thanks for posting the B-Movie music.

    This one 'can't be found' on zshare. Could you possibly re-upload it?


  13. frankie teardrop Says:

    All set with a reupload!

  14. Thank you for putting this on your blog. This song is what B-Movie will always be remembered for…and as has been stated, It's F**#ing Great! It's nice to have both versions. Thanks again.

  15. nasty zombie Says:

    thanks a lot!!

  16. After arriving in Los Angeles from Michigan, I listened to KROQ FM constantly during the 80's. Perhaps no song makes me think of that era more than "Nowhere Girl" since KROQ played it so much, and it is not something I would hear anywhere else. Thank you so much for sharing it! – Tom Redondo Beach, California

  17. […] this two year time period. I’ve left out the original 12” I covered, which you can get here, but I have included the b-side to the 7” and certain 12” editions. Here’s the […]

  18. […] studio EP, we cut two newer songs, as well as a rather faithtful cover of B-Movie’s “Nowhere Girl.” Those sessions can be downloaded […]

  19. Gracias man

  20. Dj Rich One Says:

    Man, you just made my day!!!!! I used to always play this in my jeep cruising Los Angeles back in the day! I thank you much! Searched everywhere but couldnt find this exact version, the extended mix. :-0

  21. Thanks for the re-rip, an amazing song!

  22. God bless you. The long “Version” is so hard to find digitally. I have been looking for it since 1991. Thank you.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Got this the first time ’round, but thanks so much for the re-up & your continued hard work!

  24. Thank you for taking the time to share all this!!!

  25. Gracias amigo!

  26. thanks for posting!

  27. Thanks so much! Couldn’t find the 12″ version anywhere.

  28. Such a great song

  29. Was going crazy trying to find this song but only found awful remakes. Thanks!

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks !!

  31. Amazed that this post is still live with download intact 13 years later but THANK YOU for settling a long search for this MOST desired version as other than the 1980 original the rest just don’t have the same magic.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you!!
    I feel relieved knowing I’m not alone in this world searching for THIS extended version.

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