Turning Shrines- Cinnibar & Porcelain LP

Sorry for the burp in the system. Not quite ready to close the doors here just yet, despite the one post takedown. I understand the reasons behind it, and many thanks to the bands who have been cordial and asked to have their links removed graciously. I’ve always been more than happy to comply, especially with reissues becoming more and more commonplace. The sad truth remains, there’s still a slew of out-of-print wave and post-punk music that’s sadly been forgotten, save the efforts of passionate fans, so let’s try to keep that focus running here for as long as possible.

That said, today’s post features a rather curious experimental gem. After hearing one tune by Turning Shrines, I found it difficult to track down any further material from the band. I was lucky enough to find the band’s one full length record, 1988’s Cinnabar & Porcelain, in a local record bin, so I snapped it up and ripped it. The band is essentially the brainchild of Boston musician Fred Giannelli, who was involved in various incarnations of Psychic TV, among several pioneering techno acts throughout the nineties. Turning Shrines lone 12” and album were released on Temple Records, the independent label run by Genesis P-Orridge as an outlet for a decade’s worth of PTV material.

Meanwhile, Cinnibar & Porcelain is a curious effort. The first side is made up of experimental song fragments, few of which run over 2 minutes long. The second side of the LP is a 23 minute long eponymous track, composed of several similar sound experiments held together by a thread. There’s a bit of confusion between both the record’s sleeve, the discogs listing (which my record completely contradicts), and the music itself, so I’ve done my best to stick to the sleeve’s tracklist, though there is still a few minutes worth of uncataloged music on the rip below. Every note is still in place, however, so if anyone has any proper information as to the names and identities of the handful of fragments, feel free to share. Otherwise, here’s the information for this fantastic experimental LP:

Turning Shrines- Cinnibar & Porcelain LP
1. Are You Experienced?
2. Wonderful Gift
3. Mystification
4. 23 Stillings St
5. Iron Nights
6. The Process
7. Cinnabar & Porcelain

*download link removed by request*

I’m not sure if the link is still good, but there’s a more informative post on Turning Shrines and Giannelli on Small Room Reverb blog. Also, take a peek at Gianelli’s wikipedia page for more information on his various other projects!

Stay tuned for more from Systems of Romance, including a few rare Airstrip 1 donations!

6 Responses to “Turning Shrines- Cinnibar & Porcelain LP”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I have this LP, it’s great.
    I met Fred Giannelli back in the day when i was hanging out at this bar that Sleep Chamber use to hang out in Boston.
    I knew people who use to live at 23 Stilling st, great loft space, now that area is gentrified and expensive.

    thanks for uploading this, now i don’t have to transfer my LP to mp3.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, would you like a better scan of the cover?


  3. frankie teardrop Says:

    if you would like to send it, i would not say no. i just didn’t have the chance to take a photo of it myself, so i plucked this image from discogs.

  4. f®ed.giannelli Says:

    Thanks for your enthusiasm but please stop distributing my work without compensation.

    telepathic regards,

    PS. Legal downloads of other more recent work is available @ Beatport.com
    Search the label TELEPATHICA

  5. Anonymous Says:

    is this even available for sale anywhere?

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